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Replacement of the Seafield shops bus shelter

by Ian Yuill on 27 April, 2016

I have been asked by a number of residents when the bus shelter outside the Seafield shops, recently destroyed by a crashing car, will be replaced.

My colleague Martin Greig, who is councillor for the area north of Seafield Road and Countesswells Road, raised this with council staff and has received the following reply from the council’s Public Transport Unit:

“This bus shelter is provided under contract by Clear Channel UK Ltd. This contract is currently due to expire on 31st May 2016 and on this basis the provider was not looking to replace this shelter. However due to delays in the procurement process an extension to this contract is likely and as such we will be negotiating a replacement shelter provision for the interim period with Clear Channel UK. These discussions will not be concluded until early May 2016.

“When shelters are destroyed in Road Traffic Accidents, replacement is rarely immediate. For the shelter owner in such circumstances, i.e. the Council or Clear Channel, it is unlikely that a replacement would automatically be procured. This is because a claim would be made against the 3rd party who damaged the shelter for the replacement to be funded through their insurers. This process can take some time but is essential to ensure correct procedures are followed.

“We will be in a better position to update you in early May as to what shelter provision will be made at this site. If we cannot negotiate a replacement under contract then we will look to replace this with a Council procured shelter.”

As soon as more information is available I will provide a further update.

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  1. Iain Wolstenholme says:

    Procedures understood on this one, but is the provider correct with an existing shelter under contract? Shelters are not normally removed, so the public can expect one to be there beyond any notional expiry date. (There are still some GRC branded shelters!) It could be provided with the appropriate accounting procedures following on, once confirmed. If it is not to be, then it might be wise to have an alternative Council procured one at an advanced stage in the pipeline. It made me wonder which scheme is to be used to procure the proposed St John’s Terrace shelter, but I assume that there will be a new contract in place which covers new shelters. Roll on Spring!

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