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Mannofield shops – what’s going on?

by Ian Yuill on 5 March, 2017

Photo of Mannofield shopsI have been contacted by a number of residents over the last few weeks asking what is happening at the Mannofield shops and why some of the shops are closing. Some people also asked whether there were any plans to replace the shops with flats.

The renewal of leases for the shops is obviously a commercial matter between the owner and their tenants but I think it is a huge shame that well established businesses are closing or moving out.

I contacted the council’s Head of Planning about the shops and asked if his staff had received any formal or informal approaches about redeveloping the shops. I also asked whether any planning applications had been submitted for the site of the shops. I have now received the following reply from one of his staff:

“I can confirm that there have been no informal or formal approaches made to the Planning Service with regard to redeveloping or replacing the parade of shops for residential use. In addition, no planning applications have been lodged with the Council for such a development on this site.”

I hope that new tenants are found as soon as possible for the empty and soon to be empty shop units and will be contacting the shops’ owners about this.

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11 Responses

  1. Helen Farquharson says:

    Beatson Gordon (Hairdressers) at Mannofield shops have gone into liquidation but landlord of all the shops wanted to put up all the Rents tying them to a 10 year lease plus all the roofs are needing repairing which the landlord refused to do stating in was up to the Tenants to do this so maybe this contributed to the closures.

  2. Ann Scott says:

    I am pleased that so far there are no plans to develop flats at the Mannofield shops site. I gather that the landlords have not been looking after the structure of the building and have been refusing to make essential repairs. Indeed you can see from the outside that paintwork is flaking and needs to be redone. I hope that this situation can be resolved and that the premises don’t lie vacant for long.

    Regards, Ann

  3. Hamish Leckie says:

    I think the owner of these shop units needs to get his act together, Boots has had plastic sheets hanging from the roof for a year now due to a leaking roof, an absolute disgrace !, and expecting his tenants to sign up for a ten year lease in this day and age , wise up !

    • Ian Yuill says:

      The leases for the shop units are of course a commercial arrangement between the landlord and tenants. However if the landlord wants to include terms their tenants or potential tenants won’t accept then the tenants can refuse to agree. That leads to empty shop units like those we have now.

      Empty shops don’t benefit the landlord so hopefully new tenants will be found soon.

      • Susan Smith says:

        When I asked staff at Beatson Gordon what was happening they told me that the landlord is a company in London, It seems as if they’ve washed their hands of their Aberdeen property. Whoever the owner is, It seems disgraceful that Aberdeen City Council can do nothing about it eg slap a compulsory purchase order at rock bottom price on the shops (given the amount of work needed to repair them). And it’s difficult to see why anyone would want to rent a shop in the parade in its current state.

  4. Barry says:

    If we get heavy rain over a period of time pop into boots and see he buckets for catching the rainwater. Surely this is a danger to customers??

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I’m a very regular visitor to Boots and have seen their rain-catching tubes and buckets. I’m sure that Boots will have risk assessed this.

      What it does show is the need for the roof of the building to be repaired.

  5. Claire says:

    Its such ashame beatson gordon has had to close its doors ! Me and the rest of the girls are now out of a job and are all upset about the closure ! The owner of the block of shops is an absoulte nightmare we had been fighting with him over the roof for years ! Boots ect i have heard have been same and getting no where ! The roof is knackered everytime it rains water pours in . This is not good for anyones buisness ! This has resulted in beatson gordon closure and the girls and the clients are really really sad about ! Whoever takes on the lease i hope they are made aware about this as i certainly would not be setting up anywhere in the shambles or a shop . He surley cant get away with someone paying rent (which is alot ) and not fixing roof . Nightmare

  6. Alison Walker says:

    I noticed also that the CIrcles coffee shop a little further up in Mannofield had closed. Aberdeen is the greediest and now one of ugliest places I have lived. The ACC are all about money and greed – they do not care about community spirit, nor about what Aberdeen looks like. So many green spaces have been built on – in particular ugly new-builds or glass angular offices that have no style or character. What was supposed to have be an attractive Granite mile when I moved here 9 years ago, is now shadowed by ugly, cheap, tacky-looking buildings – the likes of which would never be approved in much more attractive cities such as York, Chester, Florence, most French towns, etc. It all started with ACC allowing the construction of the horrendous Park Inn on Justice Mill Lane, and more recently the even more ugly and tacky Capital building – blocks out the sunlight in the spring of what was a relatively attractive street opposite. Aberdeen has no style or class – it’s ugly. The council do not care about how it looks, they just want to get money, but they are very short-sighted. It is a shame, because visitors would more likely want to come to visit and residents could be prouder of where we live, but it’s becoming embarrassing. Tenants are greedy and short-sighted. It’s very sad.

  7. Sylvia Simpson says:

    I agree with the comments that Aberdeen buildings of recent construction are an eyesore. I hear rumours “the bones of contention” with many property/shop owners is due to the hike up in rates, thus resulting in empty commercial premises. If the proprietors of businesses are not getting the same flow of trade ( especially since the oil industry decrease) how can ACC expect them to fork out more cash with less customer turnover. Yes Mannofield shops could certainly do with a face lift & hopefully this will happen. I may be wrong but just maybe the landlord is facing the same problem. Waken up ACC next thing will be an exodus of entrepreneurs from the city.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I agree with your comment about the impact business rates rises are having on some businesses but business rates are not set by local councils. The rateable value of business premises is set by the Regional Assessor who is completely independent of local councils. The actual level of business rates charged is set, not by local councils, but by the Scottish Government. Aberdeen City Council is spending £4 million this year to provide rates relief for businesses in the city hit by the business rates rise imposed by the Scottish Government.

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