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Morningside Road speeding

by Ian Yuill on 6 July, 2017

Photo of Morningside Road - no speed cushions I have urged the police to take action to tackle speeding on the section of Morningside Road currently without speed cushions. I did this after being contacted by a number of people about some drivers speeding on this stretch of road.

These speed cushions have been missing since the middle part of Morningside Road was resurfaced a few weeks ago.

I also contacted council roads staff about the missing speed cushions and have been told these should be installed during the Aberdeen Trades Fortnight, which begins on Monday 10th July.

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5 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    I live near Morningside Road and the speed bumps are a real inconvenience, don’t stop speeding and I wish that they were not reintroduced. Average speed cameras would be a better solution if the council is serious about preventing people driving too fast. Another hazard is people parking near corners and obscuring the view of the road from junctions. Maybe something should be done about that too.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      The speed cushions certainly don’t stop all speeding – especially by vans and other vehicles with wide wheel bases. They do though reduce speeds.

      There are national criteria for introducing speed cameras and I am afraid Morningside Road, along with almost every other road in Aberdeen, would not meet those.

      If you e-mail me at iyuill@aberdeencity.gov.uk with details of where people are parking near corners I can follow this up with the roads staff.

  2. Trevor Stirton says:

    Whilst Speeding can be an issue the constant acceleration and braking is far worse for the environment. Dont replace the speed bumps instead paint in large “20 is Plenty” on the roads every 100 meters or erect flashing “your speed is” which I think is far more effective than speed bumps which only cause pollution and damage to cars. In fact I would support the removal of all speed bumps in the city to reduce pollution.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      It is Morningside Road residents who have contacted me worried about the missing speed cushions and the speed of some vehicles.

      I do take your point about people accelerating and breaking. Unfortunately though “20s Plenty” is not legally enforceable. Morningside Road currently has a mandatory 20mph speed limit and that is almost always introduced along with speed cushions or some other type of traffic calming.

      My own view is that all residential side roads should have a default speed limit of 20mph and, if that we the case, there would be much less need for speed cushions.

  3. Andrew says:

    Let’s not forget the discomfort that pregnant women, babies in car seats, people who are feeling unwell and those with back pain experience due to driving over speed bumps. A terrible use of our council tax that inflicts pollution, car damage, nausea and pain. Other residential areas manage without them, I think we can too.

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