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Conservative and Labour councillors end Youth Festival funding

by Ian Yuill on 24 December, 2017

Photo of AIYF participantsI am disgusted that Conservative and Labour councillors voted at a meeting of the council’s Urgent Business Committee on Thursday 21st December to end the funding of Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

The Liberal Democrats believe the council should continue to provide funds to Support the Youth Festival.

The Youth Festival has been a key part of Aberdeen’s cultural calendar for over 40 years. It does need to strengthen its governance, review its programme and attract a greater mix of people to performances – but the way to achieve that is to support the Youth Festival and not end its council funding at a stroke as the Conservatives and Labour councillors have done.

My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will continue to do all we can to secure the long-term future of Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

You can read the papers for the Urgent Business Committee meeting here.



3 Responses

  1. Mr Cruickshank says:

    If at all it should be expanded . Promote tourism , if after the oil industry goes ,just like the fishing ,Aberdeen WILL be a backwater. You need people in council to be adventurist ,business minded and travelled. Make your own history.
    A Cruickshank

  2. Pauline and Jack Devanny says:

    The council now seems to have its own agenda rather than one for Aberdeen people.

  3. A. INNES says:

    I agree with your comments.
    Nothing surprises me with this council.

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