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Festive wheelie bin emptying shambles

by Ian Yuill on 7 January, 2018

Photo of wheelie binsI have been contacted by residents from many parts of our area – including Airyhall, Braeside, Broomhill and Ruthrieston – about problems with wheelie bins not being emptied on schedule over the Christmas and New Year.

There seem to have been particular problems with the brown wheelie bin collections which had been rescheduled from Christmas Day to Saturday 23rd December not being emptied.

I contacted council staff about each of the problems highlighted to me by residents – and urged that the unemptied wheelie bins were emptied as soon as possible.

The council has now announced that wheelie bins which should have been emptied on 23rd and 26th December will now be emptied this week.

The council changed wheelie bin collection arrangements in spring 2017. It is unacceptable that there are still major problems with wheelie bin collections months after those changes. This shambles must be sorted out without any further delay. Residents should be able to rely on having their wheelie bins emptied by the council on the day they are supposed to be emptied.


4 Responses

  1. Dorthy Bradley says:

    The non recyclable (new) bin is not large enough, especially over holiday periods.

    Thank you for your concern and help in all matters relating to this area.

    Dorothy Bradley4

  2. Christian Morrison says:

    Hello Ian
    May I take this opportunity to express my thanks to Aberdeen Council Cleansing Department.
    I live on Morningside Road and am delighted to say my Wheelie Bins were collected as per the schedule.
    Kind regards
    Christian Morrison

  3. steve says:

    How and when were the changes to the wheelie bin collection over the Xmas period announced. My neighbour had been given no notification off changes.
    Do we have to sign up for notifications?
    I noticed that my recycling was picked up last weekend, but my green waste was not. If I were asked which I would preferred removed; cardboard, plastic and empty bottles; or garden trimmings, left over turkey parts, excess mashed potato, gravy and uneaten cruciferous veg. my response would have all smelly refuse removed.

  4. George Davidson says:

    I think that the solution to the wheelie bin problem would
    be to go back to recycle one day and garden rubbish another
    it work alright before and would ease up the pressure on the number of lorries required for one collection.
    That’s commonsense something some councilors don’t have.I rest my case.

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