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NEWS RELEASE : City Lib Dem budget proposals focus on schools, roads and environment

by Ian Yuill on 6 March, 2018

Photo of Bridge of DeeAberdeen’s Liberal Democrat councillors today proposed investing in education, repairing crumbling roads and pavement and enhancing Aberdeen’s environment at Aberdeen City Council’s budget meeting.

The Liberal Democrats also squarely put the blame for the cuts on the SNP Scottish Government which has once again made Aberdeen City Council the worst funded council in Scotland.

Ian Yuill, Leader of the city council Liberal Democrats, said “These are cuts made because of decisions made by the Scottish Government.”

Key points of the Liberal Democrats’ budget proposals included:

  • Improving education by investing in teachers’ continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Doing more to tackle the difficulty of filling some head teacher positions in Aberdeen
  • Providing continuing funding for the Aberdeen International Youth FEstival
  • Investing an extra £12.5 million over five years in repairing roads and pavements across Aberdeen. This would pay to resurface 68 miles of road surface.
  • Increasing the council’s ability to clear snow from roads and pavements
  • Investing in improving Aberdeen’s environment
  • Investing an additional £183,000 in supported bus services to reconnect bus links to isolated communities in Aberdeen
  • A commitment to build a new bridge over the River Dee.
  • A study into dualing the Lang Stracht
  • A 3% increase in council tax

Ian Yuill said “Despite the savage cuts forced on the council by the SNP Scottish Government the Liberal Democrat have managed to focus resources on our priorities of education, Aberdeen’s roads and pavements, our our local environment.”

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  1. Brian Lawrie says:

    Hello Ian, I agree with more support for the arts. Aberdeen is almost dead in this respect. With the Art Gallery and Music Hall closed its really pathetic. I don’t know what I would do without the Belmont cinema and the lunchtime concerts at the Citadel. There are other small havens of excellence – the Sound festival for eg which is not really getting the funding it deserves. As for the roads — and I speak for my bit of Garthdee — Inchbrae Drive its now more like a dirt track. Take your eyes off the holes for a minute and you are in trouble. The Councils need more money and the 3 per cent your party proposes is along the right lines.

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