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South Anderson Drive pedestrian crossing safety campaign update

by Ian Yuill on 16 November, 2018

Red traffic lightTransport Scotland has now responded to my latest call for improved safety at the pedestrian crossing on South Anderson Drive just uphill from its junction with Broomhill Road.

Transport Scotland has confirmed to me that they still intend to install additional traffic lights on a cantilever over the pedestrian crossing on South Anderson Drive just uphill from Broomhill Road. In a letter to me Transport Scotland’s Road Safety Manager told me this work should be completed by the end of March 2019.

Whilst this is welcome news, in February 2016 Transport Scotland told me these cantilevered traffic lights would be installed by March 2016 – and they were not. In January 2017 Transport Scotland told me these lights would be installed “before the end of March” – and again they were not installed.

If Transport Scotland stick to their latest timetable it will mean the cantilevered traffic lights will be installed three years after the first date they gave for the work to be completed. This is a disgrace. Transport Scotland’s delay is inexcusable – there are regular near misses between people using the crossing and vehicles being driven through red lights.

My view remains that red light cameras – which record the registration number of vehicles going through red lights – should be instilled at this dangerous pedestrian crossing.

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  1. Grant Ballantyne says:

    Couldn’t agree more Ian – Transport Scotland should be held to account. Having been a daily user of the crossing for the past 13 years, I too have witnessed cars passing red lights on multiple occasions and one shunt which narrowly missed my family. With low winter sun soon to be blinding drivers as they proceed south, users of the crossing should be extra vigilant. Red light cameras would provide a consequence and would assist in moderating behaviours.

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