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Roads problems mean Garthdee Farm Gardens still not ‘adopted’ by council

by Ian Yuill on 5 December, 2018

Photo of entrance to Garthdee Farm GardensProblems with the roads at Garthdee Farm Gardens mean the city council has not yet taken over responsibility for these by “adopting” them. The council will only adopt the roads once the developer has brought them up to the necessary standard.

I recently met one of the council’s Senior Engineers at Garthdee Farm Gardens and he highlighted problems with the roads to me. The two major issues are:

  • Changes are needed to the road layout at the junction of Garthdee Farm Gardens and Garthdee Road to improve safety
  • The road surface is sinking at the eastern end of Garthdee Farm Gardens and this will need to be made good.

These problems, along with some other more minor issues, will have to be fixed by the developer at their expense before the council will adopt Garthdee Farm Gardens. Council staff are continuing discussions with the developer about getting this done.

In my view, it is unfair to leave residents in limbo any longer. The developer needs to act now and fix these problems so that the council can adopt Garthdee Farm Gardens and take over responsibility for maintaining it.

Even after Garthdee Farm Gardens is finally adopted, Garthdee Farm Lane will remain a private road not maintained by the council.

An e-mail I received from the Senior Engineer after our meeting states:

Dear Councillor Yuill,

Further to our site meeting this morning, I write to confirm the areas of concern.

The entrance to the development, subsequent to a safety audit will need to be altered to allow more space on Garthdee Road for right turners into the site a better view of the road ahead. The land required is, I believe, with the residents although I do not foresee any objection from them to this work being undertaken.

Within the development the length of Garthdee Farm Gardens to the east exhibits settlement on the road which is most likely due to insufficient compaction of the underlying drainage layers.

There are other areas of the site which are now exhibiting deterioration.

I will contact the developer and try to get further information on his intentions.

Senior Engineer

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