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Would you like Broomhill’s local community council reestablished?

by Ian Yuill on 12 April, 2019

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I have been asked by residents why Ashley and Broomhill Community Council is no longer meeting. The answer is that, very unfortunately, it was wound up last October.

This is because, at the last set of community council elections in October 2018, not enough people were nominated to be members of Ashley and Broomhill Community Council.

The community council can be reestablished if twenty people on the electoral register in the Ashley and Broomhill Community Council area submit a request. Once the city council receive this request it would organise an election to Ashley and Broomhill Community Council. Anyone 16 years of age and over who lives in the community council area and whose name is on the electoral register can be nominated or apply to become a community councillor.

If less than six people are nominated for election then the community council would not be reestablished. Provided at least six people are nominated then the community council would be reestablished. If more than twelve people are nominated there would be an election to choose the twelve members of the community council.

There has though to be a six months gap between the last community council election and the request to reestablish being submitted. That six month period is up this month.

You can find out more about community councils in Aberdeen here.

The form to request that a community council is set up can be downloaded here.

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