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Anger at parking on Auchinyell Road grass field

by Ian Yuill on 2 May, 2019

7 Responses

  1. Alan Fawbert says:

    Why should anyone be angry, who is being hurt by other people parking in a field .
    The council approved the building of a large accommodation block across the road with no parking.
    An opportunity for the field owner to make a few Bob, l would have thought.

  2. Sylvia Alexander says:

    Let the people continue to park their cars there it would get them away from Deeside Drive. I have mentioned before this space should be turned into a multi storey car park. Think of the money the Council could make if they charged!!!!

  3. Ian MacKenzie says:

    I noticed the cars when driving past one day.
    Interesting to note that the pavement kerb is lower at the access point – almost as if it had been modified to be intended to access the field for car parking … ???

  4. J.c says:

    The field is there for people to use with their kids to play in or walk with dogs, NOT for parking cars.
    Tell me Alan Fawbert what happens if a child or dog is knocked down by one of these ignorant people parking in the field ?. Regardless of the student accommodation being built with no parking , my visitors have to pay to park just like a lot of other people here, they don’t park in a field just so they don’t have to pay or can’t be bothered looking for a space on the streets… So yes people are angry, quite rightly so.

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