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Developer must act to complete road safety work at Garthdee Farm Gardens

by Ian Yuill on 31 May, 2019

Photo of entrance to Garthdee Farm Gardens

Residents are becoming more and more frustrated the failure of the developer of Garthdee Farm Gardens to complete work needed before the council can take over responsibility for managing and maintaining the road.

Very worryingly one of the things the developer has failed to do is make safety improvements at the junction of Garthdee Road and Garthdee Farm Gardens.

It is unfair to leave residents in limbo any longer. The developer must act now to make these safety improvements and complete the other work required so the council can take over responsibility for maintaining Garthdee Farm Gardens.

I have asked council staff to do whatever is possible to get this resolved – but it is the developer’s responsibility to complete the work.

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Devlin says:

    Ian, there is no point raising the issue to give yourself publicity and pretend you care. We have spoken and the ‘Developer’ who are BARRATT, I would prefer you name them will do nothing about any of the issues within our development. The reason being that it is simple arithmetic, the bond that the council has from Barratt is less than the cost to do the repair works and therefore Barratt have no interest in sorting it. The vouncil I assume could sue Barratt but that will be costly and take time. The council have to accept that this is their fault as they accepted Barratts planning application for the entrance area. I have seen the planning drawings and the entrance is as it should have been, therefore the vouncil cannot now not accept what they agreed.
    Ultimately, the council will and should accept our development and get on with adopting our development.
    I am still waiting for a reply to previous emails but I guess you are busy!!!

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Mr Devlin

      It is the developer’s, and not the council’s, responsibility to bring the road up to adoptable standard. There are two major outstanding issues, the junction and an area of sinking road surface, and some more minor problems. An e-mail I received from a senior roads engineer states:

      “Dear Councillor Yuill,

      “Further to our site meeting this morning, I write to confirm the areas of concern.

      “The entrance to the development, subsequent to a safety audit will need to be altered to allow more space on Garthdee Road for right turners into the site a better view of the road ahead. The land required is, I believe, with the residents although I do not foresee any objection from them to this work being undertaken.

      “Within the development the length of Garthdee Farm Gardens to the east exhibits settlement on the road which is most likely due to insufficient compaction of the underlying drainage layers.

      “There are other areas of the site which are now exhibiting deterioration.

      “I will contact the developer and try to get further information on his intentions.”

      As for replying to your e-mails, according to my records, the last e-mail I received from you about this issue arrived on 12th December 2018 and I replied to it later the same day.

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