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Inside Provost Skene’s House

by Ian Yuill on 19 June, 2019

Earlier today (19th June), following a request I made to the council’s Chief Executive, I was shown around the inside of Provost Skene’s House.

I was last shown around the inside of Provost Skene’s House in late 2017 and there seems to be no sign of any deterioration since then. I am of course neither a surveyor or an architect.

The council staff who showed me around told me that the conditions inside Provost Skene’s House are carefully controlled and monitored. They also said there was absolutely no evidence of any movement or cracking following the construction of Marischal Square.

I was told that an asbestos survey has now been carried out and that only three small areas of asbestos had been found. The ceiling of the painted gallery, which was still visible when I last visited, now has a protective covering.

Below are photos I took during my visit.

I was told this damp is caused by inappropriate materials used during the 1970s and that this will be corrected during the refurbishment.
A ceiling rose
The painted gallery ceiling has been covered in protective material before refurbishment work starts. The last time I visited, the painted gallery ceiling was not covered.
The former coffee shop. This is due to become “The Hall of Heroes”.

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2 Responses

  1. David McGrath says:

    This a recurring pattern by Aberdeen city officers. There is no reason to blame councillors unless they have voted against protective or improvement measures.

    City officers whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayer are utterly negligent in the exercise of their duties. This is not the only building neglected by city officers.

  2. J D Moir says:

    A sad state of one of Aberdeen’s precious few remaining buildings of historic and heritage value. ‘Hall of Heroes’…….is this what Scotland’s third city needs, especially when what the city requires is a regional museum, such as that in Dundee, Perth, Inverness, Stirling…not to mention the world standard attractions of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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