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Residents unhappy with council grass cutting

by Ian Yuill on 22 June, 2019

The grass area at Montrose Drive
The overgrown grass area beside Airyhall School

I have urged the council to act after residents told me how unhappy they were with council’s failure to cut grass on open spaces in both Airyhall and Garthdee.

Areas highlighted to me by residents included:

  • The grass beside the path that leads between Countesswells Road and Airyhall Drive beside Airyhall School
  • The grass area between Montrose Drive and Garthdee Road

Please let me know about any other open spaces where the council has failed to properly cut the grass.

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4 Responses

  1. Margaret Young says:

    Are you not aware of the campaign in this (and other) countries to leave hedgerows, roadside and spare ground unmown wherever possible to enable wildlife and flora to benefit from the habitat? Pollinators are among the species which can most benefit by this – even in a citry setting.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Yes, I am aware of this campaign and would very much like to see parts of Aberdeen rewilded and so provide habitat for insects and small animals.

      Having said that, the areas at Garthdee and Airyhall that I highlighted on my website are both used for exercising dogs. The long grass makes it very difficult for dog walkers to find, never mind remove, dog mess. In addition, the area at Airyhall is used by young children walking to and from school. On that basis I believe cutting the grass in both places is the correct approach.

      Incidentally, the “Tree for Every Citizen” initiate which saw the council and its partners plant over 200,000 trees in Aberdeen several years ago was my idea.

  2. Eileen Leslie says:

    Despite what Margaret Young says, I feel that un-mown areas in the city make the place look neglected and uncared for which is why I would like the Council to cut the grass leading up to the Old Deeside Railway line at the foot of Gray Street.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      In my view, a balance needs to struck. There is a place for regularly cut grass and also for areas which are managed differently to encourage an increase in biodiversity.

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