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Call for action of weeds in street gutters and pavements

by Ian Yuill on 11 July, 2019

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  1. David Cadenhead says:

    You should have a look at weeds at Gaitside shop and shops at Garthdee drive it looks very bad

  2. Eileen Leslie says:

    Once again we have weeds about two feet tall growing round the base of the new trees in the lower part of Gray Street as well as weeds growing in the gutters. The worst mess are the weeds growing up the embankment leading to the Old Deeside line at the foot of Gray Street. With dock weeds around 3 feet tall and all the long grass, it really looks like a jungle. It is an absolute disgrace. Tell the Council to forget the millions they are going to spend on Union Terrace Gardens and get our city cleaned up first. There won’t be any Britain in Bloom prizes coming to Aberdeen this year.

  3. Joanne says:

    I’ve noticed also that the drains on Holburn Road are complete blocked with debris, certainly the one on the opposite side of the street to the Beauty Fountain, and the one on the corner of Holburn Road and Irvine Place.

    And there are still patches of orange cable showing on the road surface in Holburn Road, the part from Irvine Place to Great Western Road.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I have reported the blocked street drain gullies today.

      I reported the exposed cables about two weeks ago. I have received a reply from council staff saying they will make a repair.

  4. Ian Andrew says:

    I’ve just returned home from holiday and the first thing we noticed when turned onto Abergeldie Road was the size of the weeds growing out of the gutters!!!

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