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Council grass cutting update

by Ian Yuill on 11 July, 2019

Photo of long grass

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about problems with council grass cutting of open spaces in our area.

I have highlighted to council staff every problem raised with me. I am also arranging to meet the manager responsible for grass cutting.

Many of the problems this year are a result of a substantial cut in the grass cutting budget made by the Conservative, “Aberdeen Labour” and Independent councillors who control the council. My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I did not support their proposal.

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4 Responses

  1. Sean Donald says:

    Hi Iain

    The lack of grass being cut has turned parts of the city into an eyesore. If I remember correctly if any one left their garden like this in the past they received a warning from the council to get it tidied and if not done were then fined to get it done.
    Could you please raise at council meeting and ask what has changed. I would really like to hear their reply. My only other answer is for residents to get together ,cut it and deposit the waste at the council offices to see how they like this eyesore.

    Thanks for your hard work

    Sean Donald.

  2. Ian MacKenzie says:

    Totally agree with Sean above.
    Although outside our area, Anderson Drive is a disgrace. As a major thoroughfare through our city it is an embarrassment !
    The banks at Garthdee Road down to the Sainsbury’s Asda etc are also disgraceful.
    The council clearly don’t care what Aberdeen looks like.

  3. Gordon Keith says:

    Hi Iain
    While I applaud your efforts in respect of grass cutting in our area.
    I have to say that although the areas which I pointed to have indeed been cut but none of the cut grass has been uplifted so we now have areas of dead grass 6 inches deep which will now be presumably left to rot .
    Does no one in authority check or oversee the work done by or on behalf of the council ?

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Leaving the cut grass in place is the normal procedure.

      If the grass was cut more frequently leaving the grass cuttings would not be a problem as the cuttings would act as a mulch. As the frequency of grass cutting has been reduced the cut grass forms very large clumps which, as you say, are a problem.

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