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Success – City Council set to replace missing and dead street trees

by Ian Yuill on 2 August, 2019

Photo of dead street tree

After I called for action, Aberdeen City Council has agreed to replace dead and missing street trees on a number of roads in our area.

The roads where trees are now due to be replaced during the planting season later this year are:

  • Aboyne Road
  • Balmoral Place
  • Craigievar Crescent
  • Hammerfield Avenue
  • Hammersmith Road
  • Inchbrae Drive
  • Kaimhill Circle
  • Morningside Avenue

I have asked for street trees to be replaced on other streets in our area and will report back on that once I have more information.

Please do let me know about any missing or dead street trees in our area.

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12 Responses

  1. Alex Mitchell says:

    Hi Ian! Just noticed the central division on South Anderson Drive is in one hell of a state of weeds etc. And why haven’t they filled in all the bare patches? Over to you!

    • Ian Yuill says:

      The Central reservation is not in a good condition. Years of neglect by Transport Scotland and their contractors has taken its toll. Responsibility for the road and the central reservation transferred to the council in April and I have already raised the condition of the central reservation with council staff. I am due to meet the senior manager responsible within the next couple of weeks and will be discussing this with him.

  2. As there is currently a drive due to global warming to plant
    trees to safe guard our and future generations I would request that the missing trees on Thorngrove Avenue and Seafield Road ( opposite Doctors Surgery ) be replaced .
    On the Avenue it would mean removing the tarmac patching
    placed when the trees were removed .
    Terry Pettitt

  3. Brenda McGovern says:

    Dear Mr Yule. Thank you so much for your action on the issue of trees. When we moved to Hutchison Terrace about 38 years ago it was a beautiful tree lined street. You will know what it looks like now! As Mr Pettit says we should be considering the environment for future generations. I would certainly welcome the return of trees to Hutchison Terrace.

  4. Alister cruickshank says:

    I have mentioned this before, the tree on the pavement ,outside the block 26 to 32 Ruthrieston Crescent , roots have raised the pavement splitting the tarmac. This was relayed 2 years back and has happened again .The tree roots need cutting back or tree removed.
    I spent a considerable sum of money tarring my drive and parking area , if this is not rectified ! The roots will run into my drive and the bill will be given to Aberdeen council

  5. Ian Martin-Beattie says:

    We have at least one missing tree and one dead tree on Northcote Crescent and would appreciate anything you could do to get new trees planted.

  6. Ian Mackenzie says:

    Ian, thanks for your efforts !
    In the summer of 2017 a number of dead trees were removed around Morningside Avenue and Morningside Gardens and replaced with traffic cones.
    Then in 2018 all the cones (?) disappeared – at least a new planting ‘frame’ thing was installed at the side of our house but as yet no tree.
    Hopefully this autumn all the old tree spaces will be replanted.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      As it happens, earlier this summer I raised the issue of the missing street trees on Morningside Avenue and Morningside Gardens. I have recently received a reply saying that at least some of these should be replaced by the end of this year.

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