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Success – Hazlehead Academy bus service restored

by Ian Yuill on 30 August, 2019

I am very pleased that the council has bowed to common sense and agreed to my request to restore the second bus on the 52 service for school pupils between Mannofield and Hazlehead Academy.

The second bus was restored from Monday 26th August.

I called on the council to reinstate the second bus after a number of parents said they were very concerned about how overcrowded the single bus providing the service was at the start of the new school term.

On the journey to Hazlehead Academy, some pupils were unable to get on the bus because it was full. On the return journey, some pupils could not get off at their stops because the bus was so crowded they could not get to the bus door.

I contacted council staff about this on Wednesday 21st August. The reply I received from them on Friday 23rd August states:

Councillor Yuill,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the service 52.

There is no statutory requirement for Aberdeen City Council to provide the 52 bus service, given that pupils are within the statutory walking distance for Hazlehead Academy and safe walking routes exist, as such it would be reasonable to expect pupils to make their own way to school. The service has nevertheless historically been provided by the Council to augment bus services for pupils travelling to the school.

Due to budgetary pressures, the Council were required to review all services, this included a review of passenger figures for the 52 service which indicated that one vehicle on this service would be sufficient, based on the capacity of a single deck bus, with the capacity including seated and standing passengers.

The number of passengers using the service since the start of the new term have been higher than expected.

From Monday 26th August 2019 a duplicate vehicle will operate. This will operate at the same time and route as the existing vehicle. This should deal with the concerns regarding capacity.

The passenger numbers and future provision of this service will be reviewed ongoing.

I trust that this addresses your concerns but please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

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