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Success – council to clear blocked Broomhill Road street drain gullies

by Ian Yuill on 19 October, 2019

Council staff have agreed to a request I made on behalf of residents for blocked street drain gullies on Broomhill Road to be cleared.

The street drain gullies the council agreed to clear are at the junctions of Broomhill Road and Cranford Road and Broomhill Road and Morningside Road.

I will continue to press for other blocked street drain gullies in our area to be cleared.

Please do let me know about any other blocked street drain gullies in our area.

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5 Responses

  1. Drain at corner of Broomhill Avenue and Broomhill Terrace is constantly flooding and has been thus for years

  2. Trevor Stirton says:

    Drains around Deeside gardens, north Deeside road opposite turn off to Deeside drive as well. In fact most of the area around Deeside, Airyhall and Braeside.

  3. IanMac says:

    The corner at the bottom of Morningside Gardens and Broomhill Road was a nightmare last Friday – much to be expected.
    Cleared by Saturday.
    Hats off to the resident of 324 Broomhill Road (?) – out clearing a pile of leaves washed into that corner into their brown garden waste bin – deserves his £30 refund !!

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