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Deeside Drive parking problems update

by Ian Yuill on 13 March, 2020

Photo of Deeside Drive road sign

Problems are continuing to be caused for people living on and near Deeside Drive by badly and thoughtlessly parked cars. Some cars have even been parked on the recently installed double yellow lines.

As residents know all too well, this is not a new problem. From what people tell me though it seems to be getting worse.

I succeeded last year in getting double yellow lines put in place at the bottom end of Deeside Drive and at some junctions on Deeside Drive. Whilst this has helped by making is safer for drivers to turn onto Deeside Drive at these junctions the problem of cars being parked right up to junctions moved further up Deeside Drive.

I asked late last year for double yellow lines to be put at all the junctions on Deeside Drive but sadly council staff refused to agree to this.

Many of these problems caused by badly and thoughtlessly parked cars were highlighted by people attending the public meeting held about this on Monday 9th March.

I have now:

  • Once again asked, in the interests of safety, for double yellow lines to be placed at all the junctions on Deeside Drive.
  • Contacted the City Wardens and urged that they enforce the double yellow lines that are already in place.
  • Asked to meet a member of the council’s Traffic Management staff “on site” to discuss how these problems could be tackled.

If you see a car or other vehicle parked on the double yellow lines please contact the City Wardens on 03000 200 292 or by email at citywardens@aberdeencity.gov.uk. The law does not allow the City Wardens to issue parking tickets on the basis of what people tell them, even if they are given a photo of a vehicles on double yellow lines, but the more complaints that are made the more attention the City Wardens should give to Deeside Drive.

If a parked car is causing an obstruction then you should contact Police Scotland on 101. The City Wardens have no power to deal with vehicles causing an obstruction.

I will continue to work with residents, Braeside and Mannofield Community Council and others to try to find a solution for these continuing problems.

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  1. Trevor Stirton says:

    I was unable to attend the meeting on 9th March but sent an email to Liam Kerr, an extract of some of the content is listed below
    Possible solutions
    1) For the benefit of the residents in Deeside paint double yellow lines on the east (city) side of Deeside Drive from North Deeside Road all the way to the junction of Deeside Park/Gardens this will give easy access from the 3 side streets on to drive with good visibility and allow emergency vehicles to access the area freely
    2) Apply double yellow lines at other pinch points but not a blanket cover along the Park and Gardens roads.
    3) Build a multi-story carpark at RGU or if not practicable create park and ride from the existing points around the city for students to use
    4) My other concern is getting out of the drive onto North Deeside Road when turning right, often drivers coming from Cults do not leave the hatched junction box free, this may be out of ignorance or the fact that the line marking needs redone but also extended some 50 meters to the west to include the bus stop so that vehicles are stopped well back to allow others to exit the Drive.
    5) Get the police/wardens to attend on a regular basis to ticket those that flaunt the restrictions

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