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City centre road closures – what’s your view?

by Ian Yuill on 13 June, 2020

I have been contacted by people who are very annoyed that the council is closing roads and making other traffic management changes in the city centre without having consulted residents, businesses and others affected.

These temporary road closures and other changes in the city centre are being made to create more space for people so they can pass each other on foot, queue for buses and queue to get into shops whilst staying two metres apart. Further changes are planned for the city centre and for neighbourhood shopping areas such as Culter, Torry and Rosemount. You can read more about these changes here.

When I was first told about these planned changes by senior council staff I urged them to seek the views of residents and affected businesses. When they said “no” I made it clear I thought that was wrong.

People have told me they understand the need for temporary changes to be made in the city centre but are angry and annoyed that the council did not consult those who would be affected by the plans.

My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I would like to hear your views and comments on these plans. I would be very grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions.

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8 Responses

  1. J Butler says:

    Expensive and causing chaos to all Aberdeen residents and hardship to those businesses and residents directly affected. It will do nothing to halt the spread of Coronavirus. When there are so many local charities and community groups in trouble, not to mention OAPs needing their grass cut it is downright immoral.
    This process should be halted immediately.

  2. E Leslie says:

    I totally agree. No consultation. They went ahead and spent money without any thought to how it would work and the impact on people business and the elderly and disabled.
    I am a taxi driver. Sole trader and my business has been devastated. I understand downturn due to Covid and the need for space but it’s ridiculous the road closures and the closures of taxi ranks which people depend on and the public depend on as a public service. No discussions where we are getting put and the public won’t know either.
    No access for disabled or elderly on union street and as for closures in Rosemount it goes beyond belief.
    Rose street , chapel street closed bonaccord street all closed. No access for business people or taxis.
    Back Wynd closures the main rank in Aberdeen so outside eating and drinking can be done. Do they not realise cafe culture does not work in Aberdeen due to climate and seagulls. Obviously the council charge for every table and chair that a business applies for.
    Also the money from taxi drivers in licences that they charge and coffers into their pockets. But they are ignore cutting off our livelihood.
    Bus routes moved making it more inaccessible for the public especially the elderly and infirm.
    1.76 million just get thrown away without any discussions. Disgraceful and thoughtless council

  3. Ronnie Murdoch says:

    As per usual the city fathers go ahead and makes changes without proper consultation. No thought given about the elderly and those with special needs. Most of the shops are struggling as it is. It appears we are going to have less bus stops in Union Street unless I have misread this shambles,
    can someone please clarify where the money is coming to
    pay for all this ? Another fiasco like the garden bin charges.
    Get you act together and for once consider the citizens of our city.

  4. Iris says:

    Hi Ian, why oh why do our council seem he’ll bent on causing problems in our city. Our street layout doesn’t need changing we do not have parallel streets for closing off pedestrian ways and can they honestly think it will make a difference to shops in our city centre. Leave things alone they have made a real mess of everything they have changed so far. A disgruntled tax payer

  5. Grant Tairney says:

    Hi Ian. I filled in the attached link to the questionnaire and can only agree with the sentiment of those people above me. It seems crazy we’d go to the expense of implementing (and soon reversing) structural changes in the city centre layout when there is no hard science behind the 2m! In fact check globally and I think us, Spain and Canada have plumped for 2m. Those other countries that have employed it are all less, with scientists here now saying we can reduce it with a view to abolishing it soon. Time to stop with the virtue signalling and make some strong decisions to get the economy going again. Enough is enough.

  6. Jess Stephen says:

    I agree that consultation should have taken place. Looks like
    city centre will be more inaccessible so this may adversely affect shops when they open. So where will Blue Badge holders be able to find parking centrally if Back Wynd & Schoolhill for example have gone or is there a plan to replace these spaces. I watch and wait but without much hope of a positive outcome from this council.

    • Eleanor says:

      They removed all signage on Back Wynd on Friday and there are now no disabled bays. The rank gets moved sometime this week.

      No thought has been given to the public or elderly or infirm or indeed the public service we taxi drivers provide.

  7. James Kinnear says:

    Just had a look at the restrictions in Union st and side roads.
    Totally illogical and unnecessary. The only people to suffer will be the shops .
    I believe one of the reasons for closing the bus lanes was to create “safe ” areas for people to queue for buses. Public transport is of course a “dead duck” and will be for a considerable time.
    As I live on a main bus route into town I can honestly say I have not seen more than 5 people in a bus since this all started and I very much doubt that things will improve in the near future
    Are cyclists supposed to cycle in the old bus lanes ?
    II that is so then it appears the council are happy to let cyclists and pedestrians use the same areas with the inherent risks that this causes.
    It would certainly be very dangerous to cycle in the lanes left for traffic.

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