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Latest update on revised return to school plans

by Ian Yuill on 1 July, 2020

The City Council has written to parents and guardians with the latest update on return to school plans for the new school term in August. This followed the Scottish Government’s announcement on 23rd June that it wanted all children to return to school full time.

Until that Scottish Government announcement, the City Council’s Education Service had been preparing for a blended model of home and school learning.

The Scottish Government is scheduled to confirm its plans on 30th July and, in the meantime, is expected to update physical distancing guidance for schools.

The Council’s letter to parents and guardians, sent on 30th June, outlines three possible scenarios for the return to school in August:

  • a 100% return with minimal adaptions to normal practice
  • a 100% return with significant adaptions to normal practice
  • a blended return to school should the scientific evidence not support a 100% return.

The council has announced that a 100% return with minimal adaptations will result in revised start date of Wednesday 12th August to allow two days for staff review plans to ensure safety. This will also result in smaller school groups in week one to familiarise pupils with the new processes. All pupils would then attend five days per week from the following week onward.

A 100% return with physical distancing requiring substantial change to health and safety practices could, if absolutely necessary, delay opening of schools by a few days to ensure safety. It is hoped though that the detailed planning already carried out will avoid this.

The council plan published on 12th June will come into effect if a return to the blended model is required.

The council will keep parents and guardians updated in advance of the start of the new term.

You can find out more about the impact of Coronavirus on Aberdeen’s school here.

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