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Next council meeting not until December!

by Ian Yuill on 3 July, 2020

Photo of Town House, Aberdeen

As the result of a decision by just three Conservative, “Aberdeen Labour” and Independent councillors, the next meeting of the city council will not be held until 14th December.

As the last meeting of the council was on 3rd March, that means there will be a gap of more than nine months between council meetings!

Aberdeen’s Liberal Democrat councillors believe a council meeting planned for 24th August should have gone ahead with councillors taking part online. Aberdeenshire Council has met throughout the lockdown using Skype and there is absolutely no reason why the city council could not meet using a similar system.

People expect their local councillors to be able to hold those in control of the council to account and be involved in making the key decisions about the council and council services. The action by the Conservative, “Aberdeen Labour” and Independent councillors in cancelling the August council meeting makes this much more difficult.

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3 Responses

  1. Sylvia Alexander says:

    I think this is shocking. Will their salary be cut as well?

    • Ian Yuill says:

      No, salaries will not be cut.

      Incidentally, although they cancelled the full council meeting in August, council committee meetings will begin again in August.

  2. That is shocking – if Aberdeenshire can organise online meetings it is very strange that Aberdeen City are not doing this!

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