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Check the security of you shed

by Ian Yuill on 7 July, 2020

Following a number of break-ins to sheds in the area, police are reminding residents to take some simple precautions to protect their property.

Make sure it is not easy for people to get into your rear garden. A hedge or fence two metres high is a good barrier. Fit a strong, lockable, high rear gate to stop a thief getting to the back of your home. Thieves don’t like gravel, it’s noisy to walk on. Don’t make it easy for a thief by allowing them to walk into your garden unchallenged.

Place your shed in your garden so you can clearly see the door and window of your shed from inside your home.

Like your home, it is important to keep your shed secure. Invest in a good lock or padlock and consider fitting reinforced hinges. Keep valuable garden equipment locked away and ensure it is marked with your postcode. It is worth considering fitting a battery-powered shed alarm,

Make sure the doors and panels of the shed are strong enough not to be kicked in or forced by bodily pressure. Fitting steel backing plates makes it more difficult to kick in or force doors and panels.

Deter “window shopping” by placing a screen, net curtain or even a bin bag over the inside of your shed’s windows. Fitting Perspex or laminated glass will offer good protection.

Make sure you lock ladders inside your shed or garage to stop a thief using them to reach an upstairs window.

Use a ground or wall anchor to secure your bike or other valuables in the shed. Lock valuables together to prevent them being easily removed.  Visibly and permanently marking your property helps identify it as yours and makes it less desirable for a thief.

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