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NHS Grampian working to fix flu vaccination issues

by Ian Yuill on 16 October, 2020

Although most eligible people are receiving their annual flu vaccination, there have been some problems with the new system. Problems include invitation letters arriving after appointment times and difficulties with the helpline.

Earlier this week NHS Grampian told councillors: “The newly-established telephone helpline and email address to support the flu vaccination programme has experienced a surge in enquiries that staff are struggling to cope with at present.

“This is due, in part, to the late arrival of appointment letters which we are working closely with Royal Mail to resolve.

“We are developing a solution to address the call/email backlog at pace and will be making arrangements to ensure all those who are eligible for the free ‘flu jab and may have missed appointments will have the opportunity to receive them.”

Hopefully NHS Grampian will resolve all these problems very quickly.

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8 Responses

  1. Laura Cantlay says:


    You’re probably aware of the comments on Nextdoor from people in our area of their frustrations with the NHS Grampian flu vaccination programme.

    Comments range from “shambles to despair ”

    If you phone the NHS Grampian you get the recorded message & then get cut off.
    Comments seem to report that nurses in Grammar, Cults & Hazelhead are there ready to do vaccines but have been told to stop walk ins & are quiet, presumably because people aren’t getting their letters!

    Graham & I are in the vulnerable group so you can understand why we are anxious to get our flu jabs as are others.

    I had heard Mannofield Church hall was put forward as a possible venue is this correct?

    Kind regards

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I’ve heard nothing about vaccinations taking place at Mannofield Church Hall – but then NHS Grampian does not normally update individual councillors.

      • Lindsay Robertson says:

        Received a letter today (24th Oct) from NHS Grampian advising that I should attend Mannofied Church for a flu vaccination on the 29th. hHope that helpfull.

  2. Aileen Taylor says:

    I am in Garthdee and heard nothing about flu vaccine even though I’m in the vulnerable category. Tried phoning the 01224555999 no. which appears to be permanently busy, what other way can I contact NHS Grampian.

  3. Aonghas Macleod says:


  4. Erika Hoile says:

    A friend told me that Mannofield Church has a flu clinic. I did phone the church yesterday for an appointment and was told to just turn up, which I did, but found the church closed?!
    Are there special days for the clinic?
    I am still waiting for my appointment letter! (I am 81 yrs)
    Please advise me,
    Yours sincerely

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