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Clearing fallen leaves from pavements and gutters

by Ian Yuill on 17 October, 2020

Council street cleaning staff have now started the work of clearing fallen leaves from pavements and street gutters across Aberdeen. To work as efficiently as possible, they do this area by area.

This leaf clearing work will be carried out over the next 10-12 weeks.

During that time, council staff do not follow the usual sweeping routes and programmes but concentrate on leaf fall hots spots and areas prone to flooding. That means some places will receive several visits from street cleaning staff over the next few weeks.

If you know of a particular problem area where fallen leaves are a hazard or may cause flooding, please do let me know and I will ask council staff to prioritise it.

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2 Responses

  1. I walk to Asda most mornings and continually see people being soaked by cars heading north on South Anderson Drive
    The area in question is at side entrance to Asda at the traffic lights allowing people to cross towards Holburn St. The drain at side of road has been blocked for years and after heavy rain a massive puddle appears.
    Cars then heading north splash the unaware pedestrians with filthy water
    Can you pass this on as urgent

  2. Debbie Downie says:

    The pavement between the lights at Great Western Road and the roundabout at Seafield Road going north. There are lots of fallen leaves and conkers on it creating a hazard especially for elderly people who could trip and fall.

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