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Please be considerate of Broomhill School using ‘The Woodies’

by Ian Yuill on 28 November, 2020

During the pandemic Broomhill School has been regularly using The Woodies as an outside space for school children.

There a number of reasons for this:

  • Current guidance from the Scottish Government on the benefits of using outdoor spaces during this pandemic
  • Currently, building work in the school playground restricts the space available for classes to play. There are only spaces for three classes to play in individual class zoned areas.  The school needs five separate playtimes to allow 15 classes to have time outside. As this takes up a large proportion of the morning, primary seven classes accessing space in the Woodies really helps to ensure that everyone has time outside.
  • The benefits of outdoor learning are grounded in a wide body of research.
  • Outdoor learning is embedded in the Scottish education curriculum

Please be considerate of Broomhill’s school children in the Woodies – they have every right to be there.

Broomhill School P7s have written an article about their use of The Woodies for Outdoor Learning:

Wonderful work at Woodies

The pupils at Broomhill Primary have been using the local field across the street named “The Woodies”. They have been participating in a wide variety of activities and tasks.

Outdoor learning is fantastic. Going to the Woodies gives Broomhill students a chance to get away from the classroom, and a chance to get sun and fresh air. Being outside gives pupils creative thoughts and a positive attitude to learning. Research has discovered that spending 15 minutes outside  makes children more focused and concentrated on their work.

While outdoors, they have endless opportunities to learn. Some activities Broomhill have taken part in include creating Autumn masterpieces, maths, forts and so much more. Sometimes they even share their brilliant learning on Twitter.

The Woodies creates a safe environment to socialise and interact with friends. Children have more space to roam around and spark amazing ideas.

Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they cannot exercise indoors so the Woodies is a great option. Participating in physical education gives children a brain break to unwind. Miss Wallace (Primary Teacher) has commented, “Outdoor learning is extremely beneficial to children particularly in this current time.”

Mrs Reid (Headteacher) stated “It is really important that pupils have the opportunity to  play and work outdoors”.

Because of the pandemic, it is essential to stay calm and exercise, and being outside does just that!

To conclude, being outside heightens the standard of children’s work and gives kids a COVID safe place to interact. Overall, it is extremely beneficial and effective for school children.

By Mimi Wood (aged 11)

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