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Icy pavements and roads

by Ian Yuill on 8 January, 2021

Throughout the current cold spell I have been contacted by residents who are concerned that pavements and roads are icy with often no sign that they had been gritted.

This included pavements on residential side roads and main routes such as Great Western Road and Holburn Street. Several people told me they felt trapped in their own homes whilst others told me they had been hurt after slipping and falling.

I have contacted council staff about each of the icy pavements and roads about which people contacted me.  

One of the biggest limitations on how quickly the council staff can treat roads and pavements is the amount of snow clearing equipment the council has. This is a particular problem for treating pavements where the council has only a limited amount of equipment. My view is that the council should invest in more pavement gritters / ploughs so that it can more quickly spread grit/salt on pavements in cold weather. My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have proposed just that on a number of occasions in recent years but sadly the Conservative, Labour and Independent councillors who control the council have consistently rejected our proposals.

My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will continue to make the case for more investment in pavement gritters / ploughs so that icy pavements can be gritted and cleared of snow and icy more quickly in future.

Grit Boxes

The grit boxes across our area and the rest of Aberdeen are there for residents to use. You can find your nearest grit box here. If a grit box needs refilling or is damaged you can report that here – or let me know about it.

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