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Further delay in Gray Street pavement resurfacing

by Ian Yuill on 21 March, 2021

I was very disappointed to be told that there is going to further delay the start of work on the latest phase of the resurfacing of Gray Street’s pavements. This is because of work due to be carried out by a utility company.

The pavement resurfacing is now due to be carried out during the school summer holidays.

The Roads Service has now told me:

“Unfortunately the works have been further delayed due to utility works in the surrounding areas, Gray Street has been reserved as a diversion route for these works.

“On this basis we are unable to close the road which is required in order to carry out the works. Due to the proximity to the school and the presence of other works in the area between now and the end of May it has been agreed that the most suitable dates for the work to be carried out is during the school summer holidays.”

The resurfacing is now due to be start on 26th June and be completed by 23rd July.

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2 Responses

  1. Richard Jones says:

    Thanks for the update on this issue. Given it is now well over a decade since the work on the trees started I guess waiting another couple of months isn’t going to make too much difference.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I take your point – it has been a long time since this project began.

      It is still annoying though that the current work has had to be postponed because of pending works by a utility company. The council has little control over when utility companies dig up roads and pavements so it does make sense to postpone the Gray Street pavement resurfacing work until the utility company has finished its work.

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