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Lock up garages to be removed from ‘The Woodies’

by Ian Yuill on 21 March, 2021

I am pleased that the council has agreed to remove the lock up garages from the middle of “The Woodies” off Broomhill Road.

Whilst this will cause inconvenience for some people, this change will make The Woodies much more open.

The removal of the lock up garages is a welcome step but I want to see more action to improve The Woodies. In my view that should include improving the drainage of the playing field.

Please let me know your views of how The Woodies could be improved.

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14 Responses

  1. Dik Skinner says:

    Whilst I welcome the removal of these garages, I hope that they will also consider some form of traffic restriction to prevent the nefarious goings on that occur in this secluded area.

  2. Karen Baxter says:

    This really a should be a play park , there isn’t a single play park within the Broomhill school catchment , Airyhall , kaimhill , ashley Rd and ferryhill Primaries have so many . They council really does let the children of Broomhill down .

  3. John Bywalec says:

    Having lived in the area for 12 years i would mostly recommend a play park or sports facilities as there is nothing near by for the children of Broomhill Primary School to use.

  4. Samantha kingsbury says:

    A play park would be fantastic for broomhill school and the surrounding area. The school use this space now more than ever especially when they want more outdoor learning.

    • Les Clark says:

      definately no to a playpark whixh would attract allsorts at night, cause more noise to residents

      • Simon says:

        This is why the area has no facilities, opposition to change. Lockup’s will attract undesirables too. It’s an open space that will only be enhanced by a children’s play park facilities. There are play parks at Mannofield in residential areas do they attract “all sorts”?

  5. David Dougal says:

    The woodies area have proven to be a vital lifeline to the pupils of Broomhill primary school even more so in recent times. It’s a fantastic area and well used by children of all ages including members of the community. Development of an all weather surface in the caged area for a variety of sports and some basic play equipment , benches and park facilities would only further enhance the area and allow all members of our community to have an area to be proud of.

  6. MR B L SMITH says:

    are the owners of the Lockups to be compensated in any way ?

    • Ian Yuill says:

      My understanding is that the plots on which the garages sit are rented out on a very short term basis. I believe a condition of the lease is that each person who rents a plot is responsible for removing everything from their plot, including the garage, when the rental of their plot ends.

  7. Jim Maitland says:

    As someone who was involved for a number of years in school football coaching we definitely need the sports area improved significantly. In my time we often finished going to the Harlaw Playing Field to get proper facilities.
    Also, needed more than ever for the schoolchildren.

  8. Charlene Webster says:

    I would also say that a playpark would be well used by both broomhill pupils and the local community. As local residents, we take our evening walks to the woodies with our young daughter and have visited frequently over the last year during lockdown. This would be a welcome addition to a great area to live. Thanks

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