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More problems with dog waste bin emptying

by Ian Yuill on 3 April, 2021

Annoyingly, problems with dog waste bins not being emptied often enough have recurred.

I recently asked for full dog waste bins at Airyhall Drive and Northcote Park to be emptied after the problem was raised with me by local residents.

I have suggested to council staff that they install a second dog waste bin on Airyhall Drive at the entrance to the footpath which leads to Countesswells Road because of the persitent problems with the dog waste bin their overflowing.

If a dog waste bin is full, please do not put bags of dog waste on top of it, hanging from it or on the ground beside it. If a bin is full please either put your dog waste in a different bin or take it home and put it in your black bin.

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  1. Steve Leyton says:

    Aberdeen public, dog owners, fulfil social obligations bag their dog waist and in many cases dispose of it in their home bins. Why, too few dog waste disposal bin.
    At the Seafield Landscaped area( which development residents)subscribe to the upkeep, maintenance of there are TWO and children play here.Johnston Gardens is the same.On TGA there are NONE on Seafield Road there are NONE. I believe Countesswells Road has one.I could go on.
    What would be the cost of further, extra bins spaced out and installed at these listed points.
    It is pure Government negligence,Absence of Heath and Safety control, out of sight out of mind to resolve and should come from the Council Tax just increased.
    The same also applies to litter bins for good measure.
    Appropriate Council Officials ought to get out of their offices more often! Or have those carrying out Community sentences out to work.

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