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South Anderson Drive street lights

by Ian Yuill on 3 April, 2021

Photo of street light

The problem with the street lights on South Anderson Drive between Broomhill Road and Garthdee Road remaining on during the day should be fixed soon.

I was told the reason the lights have been on all the time is that there is a problem with the controls of the lights and, to make sure they are on at night, they were set to remain on all the time.

I have now been told by council staff:

“I recently had an electrician out to look into the previous complaint of the lights being out through the night. When tracing the cause of this fault, he found a faulty component in the network control pillar to which we need for switching the lighting on at night and off in the mornings again. I have been unable to source spares due to the age of the components.

“Fortunately, while we roll out the LED replacement lanterns and fit our central management node to the lantern, we need a 24hour supply to the columns, thus negating the need for switching within the pillar. As the roll out on Anderson Drive is progressing, I asked that this component be removed and the pillar be set up for the new LED lanterns. This has left the lighting on permanently meantime but this will be rectified with the new LED lanterns …”

I was told the work to install the new LED street lights on South Anderson Drive should be completed by 9th April.

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