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Council refuses Tree Preservation Order for land between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge

by Ian Yuill on 12 July, 2021

The Council’s Planning Service has rejected my call for a Tree Preservation Order to be put on the trees on the land between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge.

Last week I urged that a Tree Preservation Order was put on the trees on this land (the brown area on the map above) after it was put up for sale as a site for house building.

Today (12th July) I received a reply from a Council Environmental Planner saying that they do not agree that a Tree Preservation Order is needed because the trees on this land are already protected as part of a Conservation Area.

Whilst these trees do have some protection because they are in a Conservation Area, I believe they need to be protected by a Tree Preservation Order.


I asked the Planning Service to reconsider this decision. on 15th July it once again refused to protect these trees with a Tree Preservation Order.

I was told by an Environmental Planner, “I discussed your request with my team leader and colleagues yesterday. We are in agreement that there is no benefit at this time in serving a tree preservation order given the existing tree stock are located within a conservation area.”

The Environmental Planner also said, “… this does not prevent us from serving an order in the future, as outlined in my previous email, if we are presented with an application for tree works that poses an actual unacceptable threat to the trees. But at this time we do not plan to proceed with the serving of a tree preservation order.”

My firm view remains that these trees should be protected by a Tree Preservation Order.


3 Responses

  1. Spence Rae says:

    I agree Preservation Order needed. Being in a conservation area gives little protection to trees as developers can find some pretext to remove ones which are (for them) inconveniently situated. The Council does on occasions go against its own local plan but a Preservation Order might make such a decision harder to justify.

  2. Steve Leyton says:

    1)Is this tree protection refusal where the Tree Tops Hotel was.
    2) I note there is still no stopping heavy lorries and excess ‘rat- running’ restrictions regarding TGA. If we had a Councillor living on the SDA would that help?
    3) the so called west side pavement repairs have not been finished and the those supposedly carried out are a disgrace to workmanship.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      1) No. This refers to an area of land between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge.
      2). No. As you are aware, I have regularly made the case for a weight or with the restriction on vehicles using Thorngrove Avenue. As you also know, the council’s Traffic Management staff have consistently refused to introduce such a restriction. I continue to believe that a weight or which to restriction is required on Thorngrove Avenue.
      3) I will contact council staff about this.

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