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Have your say on city centre Low Emission Zone plans

by Ian Yuill on 13 August, 2021

The City Council is currently seeking people’s views on proposals for a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the city centre. The LEZ would limit access to the city centre for some older cars and vans. People have until 22nd August to have their say on these proposals.

To enter the LEZ, cars and vans with petrol engines would have to meet the Euro 4 emission standard whilst cars and vans with diesel engines would need to meet the Euro 6 emission standard. The proposed penalty charge is £60 and this would double for each subsequent breach of the LEZ rules up to a maximum of £480.

The LEZ also applies to buses and lorries.

You can find out more about the Low Emission Zone proposals here.

The consultation closes on 22nd August and issues now being consulted on include:

  • The proposed grace period during which time the LEZ will not be enforced
  • The scope of the LEZ including hours of operation and the vehicles which will be affected
  • Emissions standards for entry to the LEZ
  • Exemptions
  • Penalty Charges

You can take part in the consultation here.

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4 Responses


    What provision will be provided for disabled car owners and and helpers

  2. Alan Cowie says:

    I understand we have to do something to lower the emissions, but our city centre is dead now anyway there isn’t the same amount of traffic due to years of underfunding crazy parking charges to make it so car unfriendly as it is , making people have to change their car a younger or even to a battery version when they are too expensive at the moment with no infrastructure in place seem stupid to me , what about residents & businesses that work & who live in the area can’t afford to change their vehicles or have to move premises, or residents who need work done at their homes , and the tradesmen have an older vehicle won’t able to go into the zone without being charged ……. Please re think the size of the emissions zone

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