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Woodies update – garages, dead tress, grass cutting and residents’ suggestions

by Ian Yuill on 10 September, 2021

One of the places in our area which people most often contact me about is The Woodies off Broomhill Road and I thought it would be helpful to give an update on various issues about the Woodies.

Garages due to be removed in October

Following a decision by the Council earlier this year, the lock up garages at the Woodies are due to be removed next month.

Dead trees removed

After I highlighted the issue, Council staff recently removed several dead trees from the Woodies.

Grass cutting

People have contacted me over the summer about the length of the grass in much of the Woodies. I contacted Council staff about this and received the following reply:

This is an area where the more natural management of greenspaces has been adopted to improve the biodiversity through managing the vegetation by leaving it to grow during the summer in some places.

The natural areas have required a change in management regimes by reducing mowing to promote wildflowers. Some will only be cut once at the end of the summer and all the cuttings removed, and other areas are cut two or three times a year. Areas are still maintained with more frequent cuts where there is a need for areas for informal or formal recreation activities and, where the vegetation is allowed to grow longer, paths are mown through the areas to maintain public access.

My view is that the Woodies should include both some more naturalised areas and areas of more closely mown grass.

Residents’ suggested improvements and changes

When I first highlighted that the lock up garages were to be removed from the Woodies I asked for suggestions about how the Woodies could be improved. The suggestions I received included:

  • Create a play park AND do not create a play park
  • Provide sports facilities
  • Create a skateboard park
  • Provide outdoor gym equipment
  • Install an all weather surface in the fenced area
  • Install lighting at the playing field
  • Leave felled trees lying for natural play
  • Continue reduced grass cutting AND cut the grass more
  • Plant replacements for the dead trees
  • Provide more benches
  • Provide some picnic tables
  • Improve drainage to prevent water running down the hill into people’s properties after heavy rain
  • Designate part of the Woodies as a dog park
  • Resurface the footpath leading to Broomhill Terrace
  • Install interpretive boards to help people identify trees, plants and animals at the Woodies
  • Install traffic restrictions to help tackle antisocial behaviour.

Some of these suggestions would be simple to implement, whilst others would take longer (and cost a lot more).

The change asked for by most people was installing a play area – although I also received a small number of comments saying please do not install a play area.

There was a more balanced difference of views about grass cutting with some people in faviour of letting the grss grow longer and some against. As I said above, my view is that the Woodies should have both more naturalised areas and areas where the grass is cut more often.

I have passed all these comments to Council staff and now await a reply from them.

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  1. Les Clark says:

    No play area i believe was agreed, the problem like the benches taht were on the railway line that they attract noise and undesirables at night to the area, as we have witnessed/endured over many years. Plant fruit ttrees etc use as open space, as for the biodiversity bollocks re the grass its a cost cutting exercise, but its good for fleas ticks n grassmites

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