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Great news – land between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge saved from development

by Ian Yuill on 15 October, 2021

I am delighted that the trustees of Northcote Lodge care home have bought the area of land between the care home and Airyhall House. This land had been offered for sale as a site for housing development.

I have been told by one of Northcote Lodge’s trustees that they bought the land to protect the setting of the care home. The trustees plan to leave the land freely accessible to the public. One tree has been cut down though as it was rotten.

The purchase of the land by Northcote Lodge’s trustees should mean that this valued area of green space will be protected from development.

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4 Responses

  1. Carolyn Sinclair says:

    The best news!! Thanks to all who tried to save the land for the community.

  2. Margaret Graham says:

    I’m really pleased about this. Far too much of the uncultivated ground and woodlands in our area is being developed. Well done to all who have ensured this patch will stay as it is.

  3. Margaret Young says:

    Excellent news. More such areas need protection – such as the green area near St. Fittick’s old church in Balnagask.

  4. Iain says:

    Thanks! Some open green space sensibly protected is a very good outcome. This excellent example should be repeated where opportunities exist. Also, every empty city street tree pit should have a living tree to restore amenity with simple and effective environmental benefits. A start has been made, but a commitment is needed to carry out an ongoing practical comprehensive programme of maintenance. It would be helpful to see a policy statement from the Council. There are many parts of the City which require regeneration.

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