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Auchinyell Road potholes action

by Ian Yuill on 17 April, 2022

6 Responses

  1. Louise McDonald says:

    Hi I live in Garthdee and I’m writing to you about the condition of the roads especially inchbrae areas and Gaitside. Can you look into the pot holes as destroying my car tyres. The worse area in aberdeen for pot holes not sure why it’s ignored. We pay council tax like other areas.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I agree that some roads are in a terrible state and I have recently raised the condition of Inchbrae Drive, Devenick Place and Inchbrae Road with Council staff. Are there any other particular roads you would like me to highlight to Council staff?

  2. Pippa Smith says:

    Hi…regarding the pit holes. I ride a motorbike and its getting beyond a joke how dangerous the constantly patched up roads around here are. I cannot actually get out of garthdee at all without having to ride or drive across massive swaithes of holes and raised chunks of tar….i wont even mention the rocks thst get kicked out of the holes.

    Cars are being damaged….i hit a pothole and one of my springs snapped. My front shocks are on the way out. Why is Garthdee ignored by the council? Weve got few shops…few amenities and no flipping pub and the roads can be compared to the surface of the moon!!

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Pippa Smith, yes, many roads in Garthdee are in a terrible state. I regularly report potholestand broken areas of road surface to council staff. Sadly, the best that usually happens is that these are patched. In my view many of these roads are past patching and need to be resurfaced and I will keep arguing for that to happen.

      I also believe the council needs to invest more in resurfacing and properly repairing roads and pavements rather than constantly just patching them. Sadly the Labour, Conservative and Independent councillors who currently control the council have rejected my repeated proposals to do just that.

      It is up to private companies, not the council, to decide whether to open shops or pubs.

  3. Bronach Nova-Ó'Connell says:

    it’s not even just the roads themselves needing fixed around garthdee but paths. amount of times I have tripped and fell and die to injuries ive ended up having to take time off of am delayed in working as a result is unreal (I’m a care and support worker at home within the community).

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