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Citizens Advice Scotland launches bus survey

by Ian Yuill on 12 October, 2017

Photo of First Aberdeen busCitizens Advice Scotland has launched a national survey to find out peoples’ views on the quality and reliability of Scotland’s bus services.

This initiative by Citizens Advice Scotland is very welcome, especially at a time when commercial bus services in parts of Aberdeen are being cut.

The more people who have their say the better and you can complete the survey online at www.cas.org.uk/betterbuses. Paper copies of the survey are available from local CAB offices. The survey is open to anyone based in Scotland and will run until Sunday 22 October.

Press Release from CAS Scotland

Launching the new survey today, CAS spokesperson Ruth Mendel says, “As Scotland’s consumer champion we want to find out how bus users feel about the services they use, so we can fight on their behalf for improvements.

“Although over 75% of all public transport journeys are made by bus, the views of bus passengers have often been under-represented in policy making. CAS wants to ensure these consumers’ voices are heard through this survey.

“The aim of this campaign is to get better buses for Scots. In order to do this we need to ask people what matters to them when traveling by bus, and that’s what the survey is all about.

“We know from our previous research that often people can’t get to where they want to go by bus, and that some essential journeys cost too much or take too long. It’s important that these stories are heard so that the people making the decisions can make the right ones.

“We are hoping this survey will be the biggest of its kind in Scotland, and we urge every bus user in Scotland to complete the survey so we can fight for better services.”


3 Responses

  1. Diane Leslie says:

    Aberdeen bus service on route 1 and 2 must be the worst ever. On a daily basis in the morning between 8.15 and 9.35 it’s difficult to board because service is so busy and bus is at full capacity, from 2pm I normally wait 20-30 mins for a bus that’s supposed to run at 15 min intervals.
    The travel cost is also atrociously high in comparison to our other major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  2. Gary thomson says:

    I’m astonished at the lack of involvement in the Aberdeen firstbus dispute by councillors. I’ve had to walk home to garthdee twice last week after 10pm.
    Now I’m being told I’ll have to do this for another month at least. Do the owners of our city have no powers to provide a service

  3. Ian Yuill says:

    As you know First is a private company and that of course means that neither the council nor the government has any control over how it manages its business. It has to be for First and the bus drivers’ representatives to reach an agreement.

    Hopefully an agreement will be reached soon as, in the meantime, many bus passengers are being seriously inconvenienced.

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