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Weeds on pavements and in gutters

by Ian Yuill on 27 July, 2017

I have been contacted by residents of a number of streets asking that the council treat weeds growing on pavements and in gutters. I have raised this with council staff. Please do let me have the details of any problems with weeds on pavements or in gutters which you know about. Sign up here to receive […]

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Wheelie bin profusion

by Ian Yuill on 1 May, 2017

Whilst, after a few initial problems, the new arrangements for collecting waste and material for recycling from people’s homes is now mostly working well, I have had several complaints from people about the very large number of wheelie bins now sitting on some streets. This is a particular problem on roads with tenements or blocks […]

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Abergeldie Road graffiti removal call

by Ian Yuill on 21 April, 2017

I have asked council staff to remove graffiti from a grit box on Abergeldie Road. Please do let me know about any other graffiti in our area. Sign up here to receive more news and information from Ian Yuill.

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Bins changeover problems for some residents

by Ian Yuill on 11 March, 2017

I have been contacted by a number of residents about problems with the changeover to the new household recycling and waste collections. Please have told me about confusion over collection days, uncertainty over which containers to use and mix ups over deliveries of the new small black wheelie bins. I have raised these concerns with […]

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All household waste and recycling collection routes in Aberdeen will change from 6th March as part of the introduction of a new mixed recycling service. Your current general waste (black) wheelie bin will become your mixed recycling bin and a sticker will be placed on it to show it is now a mixed recycling bin. […]

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With spring just around the corner, Braeside and Mannofield Community Council has set aside some funds to assist residents brighten up their streets with flower planting. Last year, the residents of Northcote Park received money from the community council to purchase and plant flowers around the street trees in their street. This not only   […]

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South Anderson Drive tree dots explained

by Ian Yuill on 15 January, 2017

Council staff have now provided me with further information about the markings – one or two dots – on many of the trees on South Anderson Drive.  One dot means the tree is to be removed, whilst two means it is to be pruned. On the western side of South Anderson Drive between Ruthrieston Road and […]

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Clearing leaves from pavements

by Ian Yuill on 14 November, 2016

Council staff will be spending the next few weeks clearing fallen leaves from pavements across Aberdeen. Their objective is to have the streets leaf free by Christmas. To help with this annual job they have hired extra mechanical sweepers. Fallen leaves on pavements can be a hazard for pedestrians so if you know of a particular problem […]

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After I highlighted both problems to council staff, the grass at the “Woodies” on Broomhill Road has been cut and the debris left after the recent explosion in one of the lock up garages at the “Woodies” has been removed.        

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Countesswells Road litter

by Ian Yuill on 14 July, 2016

I have asked council staff to remove the build up of litter on Countesswells Road near its junction with Great Western Road. If you know of anywhere else where there is a problem with litter please let me have the details.

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