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Council roads staff will shortly be circulating to residents the results of the survey they carried out several month ago of residents’ views about the possible introduction of a one way system on Salisbury Terrace and the section of Gray Street between Broomhill Road and Great Western Road. I was told this information would be […]

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Scottish Water has dug a hole in Countesswells Road, just days after it was resurfaced! I contacted the council’s roads staff as soon as I found out about this. I have been told by a senior manager that there was a leak from a Scottish Water fire hydrant pipe. I was told this leak only […]

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Craigievar Crescent pavements need repairs

by Ian Yuill on 28 September, 2017

After being contacted by a local resident, I have asked council staff to repair broken and uneven areas of the pavements on Craigievar Crescent. Please let me know about any other pavements which need to be repaired or resurfaced. Sign up here to receive more news and information from Ian Yuill.

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Good news – Deeside Gardens to be resurfaced

by Ian Yuill on 28 September, 2017

Work to resurface Deeside Gardens is set to begin on Monday 9th October. Whilst it is great news that this long overdue work is to take place, it will mean there will be restrictions on driving and parking on Deeside Gardens whilst the resurfacing work is carried out. There will be a ban on driving […]

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With Robert Gordon University’s “Freshers’ Week” beginning on Monday 18th September and the first semester of the new academic year beginning on Tuesday 26th September, some Garthdee residents have contacted me asking about parking enforcement. I have contacted the Senior City Warden and have been assured that “extra resources will be committed to the Garthdee […]

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Good news – part of Northcote Avenue resurfaced

by Ian Yuill on 4 September, 2017

I am very pleased that, after pressure from residents and from me, the section of Northcote Avenue nearest to Craigton Road has been resurfaced. I will keep pressing for other crumbling and badly broken roads and pavements in our area to be resurfaced. Sign up here to receive more news and information from Ian Yuill.

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Weeds on pavements and in gutters

by Ian Yuill on 27 July, 2017

I have been contacted by residents of a number of streets asking that the council treat weeds growing on pavements and in gutters. I have raised this with council staff. Please do let me have the details of any problems with weeds on pavements or in gutters which you know about. Sign up here to receive […]

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Morningside Road speeding

by Ian Yuill on 6 July, 2017

I have urged the police to take action to tackle speeding on the section of Morningside Road currently without speed cushions. I did this after being contacted by a number of people about some drivers speeding on this stretch of road. These speed cushions have been missing since the middle part of Morningside Road was resurfaced […]

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Information I have obtained from a senior member of council staff has revealed that the council spends so little on road repairs it would take over 100 years to resurface all of Aberdeen’s roads! The situation with pavement repairs is even worse. At current spending levels, it would take 456 years to resurface all of Aberdeen’s […]

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Part of Abergeldie Road resurfaced

by Ian Yuill on 5 June, 2017

I am pleased that part of Abergeldie Road has been resurfaced. Sadly though, the area resurfaced did not include the badly broken area at the junction of Abergeldie Road and Abergeldie Terrace. I will continue to press for this, and other crumbling roads and uneven pavements in our area, to be properly repaired and resurfaced. Sign […]

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