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Yet more potholes

by Ian Yuill on 18 March, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has let me know about potholes which have appeared or reappeared after the icy weather. I have reported all of these to the council and urged that they are repaired as soon as possible. Whilst filling potholes does help in the short-term, the only long-term solution is for the council […]

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The Conservative, Labour and Independent councillors who control the City Council rejected a Liberal Democrat proposal to look at how the council’s snow clearing and gritting operations could be improved at the council meeting on 5th March. My colleagues and I put forward our proposal that council staff look at how snow clearing and gritting […]

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The barriers which have been blocking the footpath from South Anderson Drive to Holburn Street have finally been removed – months after they were first put up without permission by a neighbouring business. Different reasons for the barriers being put up have been given over the last few months – anti-social behaviour, a dangerous building and, most recently, […]

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I have been asked by a number of residents about the temporary traffic lights that have been on Broomhill Road at its junction with Abergeldie Road for some time. Some people have told me the contractor who has dug up the road does not appear to be “on site” very much. I have contacted council […]

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I am regularly contacted by residents annoyed at the length of time it is taking to get some faulty street lights repaired. Whenever I am contacted about faulty street lights I report these to council staff and urge that they are repaired as quickly as possible. When I do this I regularly receive replies saying […]

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Gray Street trees – consultation to be carried out

by Ian Yuill on 13 January, 2018

A number of residents have been concerned for some time about the large amount of fruit that falls every autumn from the street trees onto the pavements of the section of Gray Street between Broomhill Road and Holburn Street. Residents are concerned that, once squashed, these fruit can make the pavements very slippery. Council staff […]

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After being contacted by local residents, I urged Bear Scotland to repair the badly broken surface of the northbound carriageway of South Anderson Drive at its junction with Great Western Road. Bear Scotland has now told me they will repair this road surface during week commencing Monday 22nd January. Sign up here to receive more news and […]

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I was contacted by many residents about the problems with gritting pavements during the recent icy weather. People told me about slips and falls they had had on icy pavements, whilst others told me they or their relatives felt trapped in their homes because they did not believe the pavements were safe. Whenever I was […]

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Thongrove Avenue’s crumbling road surface

by Ian Yuill on 7 January, 2018

I recently met “on site” with residents and a member of the council’s roads staff to discuss the ever-deteriorating state of the road surface of Thorngrove Avenue. The residents and I pointed out just how badly broken up the surface of Thorngrove Avenue is in places. We made the point that there was little point […]

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Pavement and road gritting – complete review needed

by Ian Yuill on 24 December, 2017

After people’s experiences during the recent cold weather, with many pavements left ungritted days after snow fell, I believe there must be a full review of the council’s pavement and road gritting operations. Throughout the cold spell I was contacted by residents who were annoyed that pavements were very icy with no sign that they […]

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