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I have asked the Roads Service to replace a missing illuminated bollard on a traffic island on Auchinyell Road near its junction with Kaimhill Road.

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A new bus shelter is finally set to be installed on Great Western Road outside Mannofield Church by the end of April.

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South Anderson Drive street lights

by Ian Yuill on 3 April, 2021

The problem with the street lights on South Anderson Drive between Broomhill Road and Garthdee Road remaining on during the day should be fixed soon.

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Further delay in Gray Street pavement resurfacing

by Ian Yuill on 21 March, 2021

I was very disappointed to be told that there is going to further delay the start of work on the latest phase of the resurfacing of Gray Street’s pavements. This is because of work due to be carried out by a utility company.

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Whilst I am pleased that part of the pavement of Cranford Road is being resurfaced, all of the pavement – and especially the road surface -of this road needs to be resurfaced.

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Gray Street pavement resurfacing update

by Ian Yuill on 12 March, 2021

After being contacted by a number of residents, I asked council roads staff when the latest phase of the resurfacing of Gray Street’s pavements would be carried out.

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Potholes repair calls

by Ian Yuill on 19 February, 2021

After being contacted by residents, I have urged the council to repair potholes and broken areas in roads including Craigton Terrace, Garthdee Drive and Hammerfield Avenue.

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Very annoyingly, despite the Roads Service saying the street lights around the Broomhill Road / South Anderson Drive roundabout had been repaired, there are still problems with the lights coming on at the right time. 

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The Roads Service has repaired potholes on Nellfield Place after I highlighted this problem on behalf of a resident who said driving over these potholes “rattles your teeth”.

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The faulty street lights at the roundabout at the junction of Broomhill Road and South Anderson Drive have finally been repaired. 

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