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Sign up for neighbourhood alerts from the police

by Ian Yuill on 12 October, 2017

A new Neighbourhood Alert services has been launched which allows the police to send e-mail messages about local crime trends and containing crime prevention advice quickly and effectively to people. This can be targetted to particular streets or communities if required. Anyone can sign-up to receive these e-mail messages, either for themselves or their community […]

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Wheelie bin collection problems continue

by Ian Yuill on 2 September, 2017

I am continuing to receive complaints from across our area about the council not emptying people’s wheelie bins on time. This continuing failure to empty wheelie bins is unacceptable. Problems started when the council changed wheelie bin emptying arrangement earlier this year. People have told me about wheelie bins being left unemptied for days after they […]

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Information I have obtained from a senior member of council staff has revealed that the council spends so little on road repairs it would take over 100 years to resurface all of Aberdeen’s roads! The situation with pavement repairs is even worse. At current spending levels, it would take 456 years to resurface all of Aberdeen’s […]

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Wheelie bin profusion

by Ian Yuill on 1 May, 2017

Whilst, after a few initial problems, the new arrangements for collecting waste and material for recycling from people’s homes is now mostly working well, I have had several complaints from people about the very large number of wheelie bins now sitting on some streets. This is a particular problem on roads with tenements or blocks […]

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Bins changeover problems for some residents

by Ian Yuill on 11 March, 2017

I have been contacted by a number of residents about problems with the changeover to the new household recycling and waste collections. Please have told me about confusion over collection days, uncertainty over which containers to use and mix ups over deliveries of the new small black wheelie bins. I have raised these concerns with […]

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Mannofield shops – what’s going on?

by Ian Yuill on 5 March, 2017

I have been contacted by a number of residents over the last few weeks asking what is happening at the Mannofield shops and why some of the shops are closing. Some people also asked whether there were any plans to replace the shops with flats. The renewal of leases for the shops is obviously a […]

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Over forty people attended the community meeting I organised on 23rd February to discuss how better use could be made of Ruthrieston Outdoor Sports Centre on Pitstruan Place. Residents shared their views with each other and with Tom Lambert of Sport Aberdeen, my colleague Martin Greig and me about how they would like to take […]

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Aberdeen’s Liberal Democrat councillors today proposed investing in education, repairing crumbling roads and pavement and enhancing Aberdeen’s environment at Aberdeen City Council’s budget meeting. The Liberal Democrats also squarely put the blame for the cuts Aberdeen City Council is making on the SNP Scottish Government which has cut the council’s funding for 2017/18  by over […]

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City council to set budget on 22nd February

by Ian Yuill on 19 February, 2017

Aberdeen City Council is meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd February to set its budget for 2017/18. A huge £13 million cut in the council’s funding imposed by the SNP Scottish Government means a massive real terms reduction in the money available for vital local services in our city. My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will submit […]

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I recently carried out a survey asking how residents would like to see better use made of Ruthrieston Outdoor Sports Centre on Pitstruan Place. Residents made a wide range of suggestions to me about how better use could be made of our local outdoor sports centre and I shared these with Sport Aberdeen, the organisation […]

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