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Inchgarth Community Centre car park ‘crater’ should be repaired

by Ian Yuill on 15 September, 2018

Photo of crater in Inchgarth Community Centre car parkI have asked council staff to repair the enormous “crater” in Inchgarth Community Centre’s car park.

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2 Responses

  1. Eva Mclean says:

    Dear Councillor Yule

    I attend an art class every Wednesday at the Inchgarth Community Centre and I am appalled by the state of, the as you do rightly say ‘crater’ in the car park.
    I constantly worry that it will do damage to my car, which is bad and bad enough right now however come the winter with the dark evenings when I leave it will be very difficult to navigate one’s way through.
    The centre does a very good job for the community and deserves every help it can get so surely making the car park safe isn’t too big an ask.
    Eva Mclean

  2. Pauline Wood says:

    I visit the centre from time to time. Fortunately i have now had both cataracts replaced but would definitely have tripped in this. Whilst awaiting the surgeries I avoided places in this state curtailing opportunities, as i am sure many others have done.

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