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Shocking delays in installing South Anderson Drive pedestrian crossing cantilevered traffic lights

by Ian Yuill on 26 November, 2021

Photo of Ian Yuill at South Anderson Drive pedestrian crossing

Shockingly, the saga of delays in installing cantilevered traffic lights above the pedestrian crossing on South Anderson Drive just uphill from the Broomhill Road roundabout continues.

Drivers regularly go through red lights at this pedestrian crossing – putting people at serious risk of injury.

Over several years I repeatedly called on the Scottish Government agency Transport Scotland, which was responsible for South Anderson Drive until 2019, to install red light cameras at this pedestrian crossing.

Transport Scotland refused to install red light cameras but, after considerable pressure, it did agree to install an additional set of traffic lights on a cantilever above the pedestrian crossing to make it easier for drivers to see the traffic lights. Despite this, Transport Scotland and its contractor BEAR Scotland repeatedly failed to meet their own deadlines to install these extra traffic lights.

Despite management of South Anderson Drive passing to the City Council in 2019, BEAR Scotland remains responsible for installing the cantilevered traffic lights. shockingly, this work has still not taken place.

It is disgraceful that installing these extra traffic lights above the crossing has been delayed for so long when the lights are being installed for safety reasons.

I recently asked City Council staff to contact BEAR Scotland about the continuing delays in carrying out the work. BEAR Scotland has now said the cantilevered traffic lights will be installed by May next year. Given the unacceptable delays that there have already been, this simply is not good enough.

There are regular near misses when drivers go through red lights at this crossing and each day’s delay in taking action puts people at risk.

There is absolutely no excuse for any further delays.

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