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Anger as City Council fails to discuss reopening of Union Street

by Ian Yuill on 18 December, 2021


People have told me how angry they are that the City Council did not even discuss the reopening of central Union Street to at least buses and taxis when it met on Monday 13th December.

At the meeting, I tried to propose that central Union Street should be reopened to buses and taxis but that was ruled out of order.

My personal view is that, because central Union Street was closed as part of the “Spaces for People” emergency response the pandemic, it should be fully reopened now that the Spaces for People changes are being removed. People were told that all the Spaces for People changes were temporary – and I believe the Council should stick to that and end the road closure of central Union Street.

Incredibly, the decision to keep central Union Street closed was made with the support of just four councillors at a committee meeting in November.

I believe that such an important decision about the future of our city centre should have been made by all 45 councillors at a meeting of the full council.

Keeping central Union Street closed to even buses is causing continuing problems and delays for bus services through the city centre. I have also been told by some older people and people with disabilities that the diversion of bus routes away from central Union Street is causing them major problems. One lady told me, “It is not Covid that is keeping me out of the city centre, it is the Council”.

Whilst there probably is not a majority of councillors who want to fully reopen central Union Street, it seems fairly clear that there is a majority of councillors who would back reopening central Union Street to buses and taxis. The Conservative and Labour councillors who effectively control the council – and who back keeping central Union Street closed – have though so far prevented this being discussed by all 45 councillors.

I will continue to do everything I can to have all 45 councillors make the decision on the future of Union Street. I will also cotinue to make the case that central Union Street should be reopened to at least buses and taxis.

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2 Responses

  1. Sylvia Alexander says:

    Yes I am very angry at the the Council decision. It should have been the full Council. They are not considering the People of Aberdeen at all. In fact I think the whole of Union Street should be opened up to ALL traffic.
    At the moment going down Union Street you have to be careful you are not knocked down by delivery bikes and people travelling on bikes. They do not ring their bells and you do not hear them coming at great speed. Taking this action will not encourage people into the City Centre and of course there is nothing to go in for shops have disappeared.
    Elderly and disabled people now have no chance of getting into Town. I usually drop off goods to Cancer Charity shop but because I cannot park I cannot hand in heavy goods.
    Next year we have an election and this Council could be changed so hopefully so can this decision

  2. Jim Maitland, says:

    Talk about the tail wagging the dog how can less than ten percent of the full Council be allowed to make a decision such as this. Surely, like many not for profit organisations, it should require a quorum to allow the meeting to proceed.
    The once great Union Street has died because of incompetent councillors. Retail is already having a hard time of it because of online shopping, Covid and of course the ridiculously high level of Business Rates imposed, this merely compounds the situation.
    How many of the forty five Councillors have any business experience?, would love to know the answer.
    Certainly in the Scottish Parliament only a handful of MSPs possess such knowledge.

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