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NEWS RELEASE : Council budget is for ‘Aberdeen and Aberdeen residents’

by Ian Yuill on 6 March, 2024

Photo of Town House, Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s Liberal Democrat councillors have hailed the City Council Budget proposed by the Council’s Liberal Democrat and SNP Partnership as a “budget for Aberdeen and Aberdeen residents”.

Liberal Democrat Co-Leader of the Council Ian Yuill said, “We have delivered a budget for Aberdeen and Aberdeen residents. It protects the vital services people depend upon, invests in Aberdeen’s school buildings, continues to tackle the backlog of road and pavement repairs, allocates £1 million for measures to tackle poverty, and targets action to improve our city centre.”

Ian Yuill continued, “I am especially pleased that we are abolishing the Garden Tax. From September, every household in Aberdeen will be able to have one brown wheelie bin of garden waste collected for free. The Garden Tax is a tax on recycling, and I am delighted we have been able to abolish it.”

As part of the agreed Council budget, there will be no increase in Council Tax for 2024/25.


You can view the information considered by the Council budget meeting on 6th March here.

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Leyton says:

    Has the Aberdeen Liberal Democrat and SNP shared Council set sufficient fund allocation aside in the 2024/2025 Budget for its city centre and suburbs mature trees to be maintained via Pruning. On adopted Thorngrove Avenue there are mature trees which have not had any arboretum maintenance for several years which require attention preferably before their Spring Sap Rise gathers momentum.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Steve, the issue over the last couple of years has been the huge amount of storm damage done to Council-owned trees, including street trees. Dealing with that urgent issue has been prioritised over regular maintenance. Having said that, I will contact Council staff about the trees on Thorngrove Avenue.

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