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Garthdee Controlled Parking Zone update

by Ian Yuill on 13 April, 2024

The future of the Garthdee Controlled Parking Zone is in doubt after Robert Gordon University told the City Council it would not pay the cost of administering the CPZ when the current arrangement ends. Many Garthdee residents have told me how angry they are by the University’s announcement.

This move by the University came despite RGU’s Principal saying in March 2015 that before the end of the current agreement the University would engage with the City Council and the Garthdee community “to seek to agree on a framework for the period after the ten years that will be acceptable to all and will meet the needs of the Community”.

I believe the University has a continuing responsibility to people in Garthdee and that it should continue to meet the cost of administering the Garthdee Controlled Parking Zone.

On 27th March the City Council’s Net Zero, Environment and Transport Committee instructed Council staff to have discussions with the University on the basis of the Principal’s 2015 undertaking.

Garthdee Community Council discussed the issue at its 9th April meeting.

My colleague Derek Davidson and I met the University Principal on 10th April to discuss the CPZ.

I emphasised to the Principal how strongly many local people felt about the University’s decision and urged that the University reconsider. I also urged the Principal to agree to take part in a meeting between the City Council, Garthdee’s councillors, and Garthdee Community Council.

You can read a statement from the University here.

A meeting between the University, City Council, local councillors, and Garthdee Community is being held shortly. I will provide another update after that meeting.

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4 Responses

  1. R A Fawbert says:

    Robert Gordon University has many students with cars, the university should take the responsibility for their parking instead of setting them loose in the Garthdee environs, we often find cars parked outside our homes.
    The council in their planning department should give the university planning for a multistory car park within their grounds.

  2. Marie Cruden says:

    If the University does not pay our parking then all the streets in Garthdee especially the ones with no driveways, should have signs saying resident parking only. We were here years before that University, bearing in mind Garthdee Residents objected to it being built in the first place. Here we go again the council thinking about money and students getting priority over the residents. For once can the council not take the side of the residents. As we had no problem parking in Garthdee until the University was built and students parking
    Marie Crudeb

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I opposed RGU’s relocation to Garthdee. I thought, and still do, that the University was trying to put too many facilities into too small an area, “a quart in a pint pot”. The impact on parking on local roads was a concern from day one.

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