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A new bridge over the River Dee – my views

by Ian Yuill on 19 February, 2017

Photo of the Bridge of DeeA number of people have asked me recently what my views are on the proposals to build a new bridge over the River Dee.

Why I support building a new bridge

I support building a new bridge over the Dee as this will:

  • Increase the capacity of the bridges over the Dee
  • Make is safer for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the river
  • Make it possible for buses to cross the river near the Bridge of Dee and so make bus links there possible
  • Put an end to HGVs being diverted along Riverside Drive, Riverside Place and Holburn Street

Which option do I support?

There are currently three options being considered to build a new bridge across the Dee.

Two of these proposals involve building a new bridge well upstream from the Bridge of Dee with the access road to the new bridge joining Garthdee Road opposite its junction with Craigievar Road. I believe both these proposals are completely unacceptable because they would lead to a vast increase in traffic using Garthdee Road and the loss of part of RGU’s campus.

In my view, of the three options under consideration, the only option which is acceptable is to build a new bridge immediately upstream of the Bridge of Dee. Building a new bridge there means it can be linked directly to South Anderson Drive and Stonehaven Road without any traffic having to pass along Garthdee Road.

Of the three choices, this is the only one I would support.

I do though have concerns that the current proposal for a bridge immediately beside the Bridge of Dee is that this should have six lanes. I believe that the possibility of building a new bridge with four lanes at this location must also be properly investigated.

Safe for pedestrians and cyclists

It is important that the new bridge and the junctions associated with it – unlike the existing arrangements – are safe for pedestrians and cyclists to use. The bridge and road layout must be designed with this in mind. Pedestrians and cyclists must not be an afterthought.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the three options for a new bridge over the Dee you can read the most recent report by council staff on this here.

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6 Responses

  1. Rosemary PATERSON says:

    Dear Ian,

    Thank you for being so honest about the support of the new bridge – it makes sense.

    I stand at the bus stop – Ruthrieston Road and at times there are so many near misses of traffic rushing to get out from side roads before large heavy lorries turn onto Holburn Street or across it!

  2. IanMack says:

    I fully agree with your option.
    However, there seems to be so much resistance to do anything with the existing bridge – instead build a new separate bridge.
    If I remember correctly, the Bridge of Don was constructed by using the existing stone structure but by re-building that on the outside of the new modern bridge structure thereby retaining the historic (heritage) appearance.
    Perhaps not accepted by all ‘heritage purists’ but a practical cost effective (?) solution – remember Trinity Hall rebuilt from the city centre / Union Bridge to the junction of Holburn Street & Gt Western Road (and probably many others (??).


  3. g yeoman says:

    My views same as yours garthdee rd is busy enough my can’t they make inlays at the bus stops on the hill to stop the traffic getting held up

  4. David Gauld says:

    Ian, Thanks for your view on new Dee bridge which I firmly agree with. However, in your comments on why – “Put an end to HGVs being diverted along Riverside Drive, Riverside Place and Holburn Street” I believe it needs to be commented / acknowledged that a large and increasing number of HGVs are also diverting along Broomhill Road (passing the primary school) and Gt Southern Rd.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      David, I agree with your concerns about HGVs using Broomhill Road as a through route. I believe there should be an “except for access” ban on HGVs using Broomhill Road between Holburn Street and South Anderson Drive.

      The point I was making about HGVs being diverted along Riverside Drive, Riverside Place and Holburn Street is that those roads form part of the official signposted diversion route for HGVs on the A90 because HGVs are not allowed over the Bridge of Dee.

  5. Jim Maitland says:

    Hi Ian,
    Firstly Ian Mack is quite correct in his comments re the Bridge of Don.
    As regards the Dee I fully agree with your views.I have one point to make,my old concern,that the pedestrian lights on S Anderson Dr. have a camera fitted whilst carrying out the work.This must be the most dangerous crossing in Aberdeen.


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