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Thank you!

by Ian Yuill on 6 May, 2017

Thank you to each of the 2,458 local residents who gave me their first preference vote in Thursday’s council election – over 900 more than any other candidate in our area.

I am delighted to have been re-elected to work for all of the people of our area over the next few years.

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of good luck or congratulations. I will reply to each of them but it may take me a few days to answer them all.

Can I also thank the many local residents who helped my campaign – I am very grateful to everyone who kindly helps me deliver my local Focus community newsletters.

Once again, my thanks to everyone for their support and I look forward to working for and with everyone in our area in the coming years.

The number of first reference votes cast for each candidate in our area was:

Ian Yuill- Liberal Democrat  2,458
Conservative                 1,533
SNP                          1,417
Labour                         708

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10 Responses

  1. Louise Lindsay says:

    Thank you Ian, you do a great job !

  2. A, Hastie says:

    Congratulations on retaining your seat on the council.
    I only put one figure on my voting card, I voted for the
    man not the Party

  3. Margaret Thomson says:

    Thanks for all your help you deserve to win no one else bothers the way you do I know I can trust you do do your best for this area keep up the good work
    Thanks again
    Robert & Margaret Thomson
    56 Morningside Road

  4. Pauline and Jack Devanny says:

    No need for thanks. The best man won. Keep up the good work.
    Many Thanks.
    Pauline and Jack Devanny

  5. David Geddes says:

    Well done Ian. I am delighted. Never has a councillor better deserved to be re-elected.

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