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Weeds on pavements and in gutters

by Ian Yuill on 27 July, 2017

Photo of weeds in gutterI have been contacted by residents of a number of streets asking that the council treat weeds growing on pavements and in gutters.

I have raised this with council staff.

Please do let me have the details of any problems with weeds on pavements or in gutters which you know about.

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16 Responses

  1. John Atkinson says:

    If we all did a bit of weeding the council would not need to.
    What is a more pressing issue is the state of the roads. If the council are successful in becoming the City of Culture and tourists are brought in then the local garages etc will have a field day fixing punctures and broken suspension.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Yes, I periodically remove weeds from the pavement and gutter in front of my home.

      As for pavement and road repairs and resurfacing, the council needs to invest much, much more in this. Sadly on each occasion over the last few years when my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have paused doing this as part of a balanced council budget it has been rejected by Labour, Conservative, SNP and Indepandent councillors. We will keep making the case for the desperately needed sustained investment in resurfacing and repairing Aberdeen’s roads and pavements.

  2. Alison Maver says:

    I agree about the weeds on pavements but I think an equally aggravating situation is overgrown hedges encroaching on public pathways.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Householders are supposed to keep had fed, bushes, trees, etc. pruned so they do not overhang the pavement.

      If you know of a particular problem location, please let me have the details and I will raise this with council staff.

  3. Alan Fawbert says:

    Ian i am just back from spending a week in Nuremburg,
    It certainly opened my eyes , in comparison , the streets in Aberdeen are filthy, over there, is it attitude, training the kids when young , I don’t know but the streets are clean, hardly a piece of chewing gum to be seen, wheras in Aberdeen are lined with it. All premises were sparkling and no weed choked gutters.
    The council needs to force property owners to clean up their act.

  4. Rhona Dale says:

    The weeds are growing well on Norfolk Road currently! As is the moss! I was out tackling this today ad I am fed up waiting for the council to do anything!
    I apreciate your efforts but we are getting nowhere!
    Surely we can expect gutters and pavemrnts cleaned a few times in the year. Hammersmith Road and Broomhill Road are aldo full of old leaf litter.

  5. E and F Law says:

    Amused by comment suggesting we remove weeds on
    pavement outside our houses. Have done so occasionally
    only to find they are replaced by seedlings spreading from

  6. Regular (once a week) sweeping will keep weeds down on hard surfaces. I sweep outside my home.
    I’m so pleased Aberdeen City Council use hot water to kill weeds and reduce their pesticide use.- see http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/CouncilNews/ci_cns/pr_weedkiller_230715.asp
    Pesticides are responsible for so many diseases https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4392553/

    Thank-you for reducing our exposure to these poisons

    • Grant says:

      I didn’t realize they only used hot water – what a welcome surprise! Society seems to be wakening up to the dangers of chemicals, and I’m glad to see Aberdeen City Council taking this far more responsible approach. I’d say the next step is discourage the use of such chemicals in allotments round the city. Pesticides, herbicides etc inevitably result is ‘super weeds’ and ‘super bugs’ that call upon stronger and stronger chemicals to be used. This destroys soil health and ultimately destroys our health.

  7. L Beaton says:

    Glad to see other residents raising the weed issue as I was starting to get paranoid… Cranford Road is in a bad state of weeds on pavements and road verges just now. As are other local streets as already highlighted. I’ve also reported directly to ACC. I find it interesting that we continue to do well in Aberdeen with all the Bloom competitions, yet if judges had a look at the local neighbourhoods… Ahem! Cranford Road also still in desperate need of resurfacing.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Cranford Road is one of the roads I have highlighted to council staff. It was treated earlier in the summer and should get treated again soon.

      I agree about the road surface and have repeatedly highlighted it’s ever-deteriorating condition to the council staff who make the decisions about which roads to resurface. I will keep doing this.

  8. Fiona McDonald says:

    I echo these comments and support this environmentally friendly weed control but I have my doubts that all weed control in the city is done by this method…

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