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Scottish Water dig hole in newly-resurfaced Countesswells Road!

by Ian Yuill on 5 October, 2017

Photo of hole of Countesswells RoadScottish Water has dug a hole in Countesswells Road, just days after it was resurfaced!

I contacted the council’s roads staff as soon as I found out about this. I have been told by a senior manager that there was a leak from a Scottish Water fire hydrant pipe. I was told this leak only appeared after the road was resurfaced.

It is very annoying that, after pressing for a long time for this section of road to be resurfaced, it only took a few days for the first hole to be dug in it.

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2 Responses

  1. DoreenGray says:

    Interested to hear the cause of the hole in our road.

    Will it be a patched job, which will deteriorate of course,or will S.Water pay for the big machines that did good job of resurfacing to return and re-do?!


    • Ian Yuill says:

      There are standards for repairs to road surfaces done by utilities like Scottish Water. These allow for a temporary patch in the short term, with a permanent patch having to be done within a set period (I can’t remember how long that is off hand). Sadly even the best permanent patch is never as good as the original surface as the join between the patch and the original surface is where water can get in, freeze, expand and start breaking up the road surface.

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