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NEWS RELEASE : Lib Dems release photos from Inside Provost Skene’s House

by Ian Yuill on 7 January, 2018

Aberdeen’s Liberal Democrat councillors have released a series of photographs revealing how the inside of long-closed Provost Skene’s House now looks.

Ian Yuill, Leader of the Aberdeen City Council Liberal Democrats, said, “People have been asking for some time what had happened inside Provost Skene’s House so, once building work around it finished, I asked to be allowed to visit. That visit took place earlier this week and I took some photographs so that others could see how Provost Skene’s House now looks inside.

“I was surprised just how untidy Provost Skene’s House was in places. I was also surprised to see that the painted ceilings and panels were not protected. I  was shocked to see that in one place disposable coffee cups had been left sitting on woodwork. I still remember my mum telling me as a child never to put anything hot or wet on her wooden tables – and the woodwork inside Provost Skene’s House is a lot older and more precious than my mum’s tables!

“I have now written to the coucil’s Chief Executive highlighting my concerns.

“On a more positive note, I was again assured Provost Skene’s House had not been damaged by the building work which has taken place around it.”

Ian Yuill concluded , “It was very clear to me that Provost Skene’s House will need a lot of work done on it before it can reopen. The sooner that happens the better.”

You can view some of the photos Ian Yuill took of the inside of Provost Skene’s House below.


5 Responses

  1. David says:

    Not just Provost Skene’s House. The P and J photos of the collection of gifts given to the Lord Provost showed a complete disregard for the items – they showed a jumble of pictures leaning on a shelf and other items all over the place with it all looking like a junk yard. Unfortunately, Aberdeen City Council seems to have little regard for anything historical or achitectural or artistic.

  2. Eileen Leslie says:

    What a disgrace.! Once again we have been let down badly by the “high heid yins” in Aberdeen City Council. And to think that when work started on Marischal Square (how many years ago now?) a notice was put up stating that Provost Skene’s House would be closed for ONE year and would then be returned to its former glory, which included the very popular cafe. Words fail me.

    • Lorna says:

      Thank you for publishing these photos Iain. Sadly there is no way the Council will allow the cafe to reopen as it would make it difficult to let the hospitality space to private companies, which would not receive a Council subsidy. Another example of the disconnect between what the Council delivers and what the public wants.

      Also, disgraceful distegard for our local heritage as they are upgrading the building.

  3. Jan Falconer says:

    I am so sad to see this once fabulous building in such an awful state. It risks becoming derelict if it is not cared for. I have wonderful memories of visiting the exhibitions and having lunch at Provost Skenes house. I am sure all Members will be shocked to see the state of this building. I am grateful to you for taking the time to pose the questions and share your experience of viewing this important piece of heritage- Many thanks

  4. Ronnie Murdoch says:

    The council should hang their heads in shame quite clear they were more interested the new square than our heritage.

    Ronnie Murdoch

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